German website BestBoyZ has gotten their hands on what appear to be official press shots of the HTC Mondrian. This is a rumored 4.3” WP7 phone with a 1.3ghz Snapdragon (which I’ll believe when I see…and I do hope to see it). Ok let’s take a look and while we’re at it, I’ll zoom into the  HTC HUB for you guys:


oh and there’s clearly a music mixing app on the home screen so it may be that HTC is including that. What’s the little lip on the bottom in the front? Guess I’ll only find out when I buy one…You guys into this? Looks like a 4.3” HTC slab to me. I like it for sure, but it’s pretty much inline with what 4.3” HTC phones look like, right?

via Engadget


  1. i really like this phone. sign me up and watch me have both the Android army and fruit lovers drool with envy.

  2. Looking good … and what’s that up on top …. could it be? Oh Yeah, a 3.5mm audio connection!! All of that HTC goodness and a little audiophile love to boot!

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