For Sale Mint Condition HTC Titan and Accessories!!!  So I’ve decided to get away from Windows Phone. My contract expired a few months ago with AT&T and I’ve been trying to get a Nokia 920, I even went to the AT&T store earlier this morning ready to buy a 920 and they have no 920s in stock and they don’t know when or if they’ll be getting more. I want the 920, there are two stores within a few minutes driving from me and neither have the 920os in stock, and yes they are official AT&T stores. The one I was at this morning, the guy was actually honest with me about it and said he didn’t know when or if he’ll be getting more in. The other store just lied to me over and over again, they kept telling me early next week we’ll have them in, and nope they never got them in. I stopped several times when they told me their shipment would be in, and nope none came in.

I stopped over Amazon to see what they had in stock ready to ship, the 920s seems to be in stock, but I don’t want to wait. I also looked at prices on other things and see they’re much lower than the AT&T site is.

I’ve just decided to go back to Android. I’ve had two Windows Phones since the new OS came out and I liked them and one would think that the OS would have matured by now, but the stuff I want just isn’t available for it yet and I’m tired of waiting. The stuff I used on Android I want to be able to use on Windows Phone but the companies just don’t seem to care about supporting it, at least that’s how it seems to me. I can’t do on my Windows phone what I could do on my Android phone. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Windows Phone OS, but the support is just too lacking from what I can see. After using two Windows Phones I’ve found that I miss Android honestly. Apps that are available on iOS and Android cannot be found on Windows Phone. It’s been out for a while now so one would think the apps might catch but apparently not.

I went to the AT&T site and checked out my upgrade options, I was browsing around I was really thinking of the Galaxy S III, but I don’t want to pay $200 for a phone, never have, never will. (Amazon has the S3 for only $140 for me as an upgrade, so I may go that route) As I was browsing though there are ads on the sidebar for other phones and I saw the HTC One X for only 99 cents, and I thought what the hell, why not?! For that price, that sounds good to me. I was all ready to go, but apparently it just wasn’t meant to be…

So I clicked the ‘View Details’ and it says the phone isn’t available in my area. That’s the gray color, but if I look at the black color HTC One X it is available in my area but it’s $199.99. I don’t understand it, why advertise a phone to me and then tell me I can’t have it?! Why is the gray only 99 cents but the black is $200? There’s no difference, just the color.

So I give up, I guess I’ll get a new phone someday, but just not today apparently, it’s just not in the cards for me. I don’t think it will be a Windows phone really, I think I just have to go back to Android and maybe revisit Windows at a later date.


  1. So let me get this straight. You do NOT want the phone that is constantly sold out at a premium price which is arguably the industry leader in every category and you DO want the phone they are blowing out for $0.99? Really?

    Let me suggest you hold on to that Titan. After dealing with Android’s fragmentation, constant FC’s, ZERO support from HTC, you’ll miss the reliability and awesomeness that is Windows Phone. I have a couple Android tablets and a couple Android phones. I can’t STAND the OS but I do love the apps and games available, some of which are not on Windows Phone.

    I went from HTC Surround to HTC Titan and am now on the Lumia 920. Lessons learned; HTC no longer makes great devices and their support is worse now than ever. Oh yah, the Lumia 920 is the best, most durable phone with the best camera ever on a smartphone. THAT is why it’s sold out. And Windows Phone 8 is a great and rock solid OS. If you do a lot of email/calendar stuff, there is no better OS than Windows Phone.

    I just called my AT&T corporate rep and she said supplies are limited based on the color but she could get me whatever I wanted shipped out immediately.

    • Well I posted the 99 cents thing as a joke really.. it has to be a pricing mistake on their site since the black color is selling for $199.99 or $99.99, either or, it was still not 99 cents for the different color one

      Don’t get me wrong, I like Windows Phone, but it just doesn’t do YET what I want and need it to do and I’m tried of waiting honestly.

      As far as Android fragmentation and all that, not that big of a deal to me, I’ll just root and flash a rom etc to get what I want.

      That’s funny, I went from HTC Surround and then to the Titan I have now and I want the 920. If I could get my hands on one I’d use it I think and I think I’d be relatively happy with it but I can’t get one and I’m tired of being lied to by the AT&T store reps.

      As far as your corporate contact, that’s awesome you can get a 920 that fast.. the AT&T site told me earlier that it was 5-7 days shipping time due to stock and as I mentioned the stores keep telling me different things as to when they’ll have stock.

      • All kidding aside, the important thing is getting what works for you. I’m not a gamer and most of the apps I need are already available for Windows Phone now. Exchange-based stuff like Outlook and calendar, and MS office are the things I depend on the most since I use my personal phone for work also. But I was dead serious about HTC though. I’d venture to say I have owned over 2 dozen HTC devices and I’ll never buy another due to hardware AND software reasons (a Titan and Jetstream being the newest).

        As far as being lied to by AT&T, you’re not alone. I started with Cell One which became Cellular One which became Cingular which became AT&T. AT&T has by far been the worst experience I’ve ever had with ANY company. I loathe them. Unfortunately, I need GSM since I do travel out of the country and T-Mobile has zero coverage where I live.

        Keep us posted on what you decide and let us know how you compare them.

      • Kris —

        The only thing that I would ask when you guys write stories like this one is that you be more specific on a couple of fronts:

        1) What specific apps/capabilities are you lacking?

        Is it photo-based? Instagram? Putty apps? Freemium games? Square/Intuit/GoPayment?

        Here’s a chance to provide a real, actionable insight that serves your reader. Particularly one who stumbles across this in search.

        2) How much are you willing to hack your phone?

        The ordinary smartphone user is not about CABs and XDA and rooting devices. The stock experience that ships on their Android device does matter to them, because it is all they will see. And fragmentation is an issue for these folks, because in their minds Green Robot should be Green Robot no matter who makes it.

        We’re glad you can root, but the majority of the audience reading your assessment will not have your expertise. Write for them. In the long run, if I was contemplating the same sort of switch, and jumped on it based on your recommendation, I would be a little cheesed at this site for steering me to some other device, because “you can root it.”

        Personally, I spent a lot of time I probably didn’t need to rooting my old Windows Mobile, trying to tweak customizations and ROMs. But I wouldn’t recommend that path for anyone else.


      • Ike,

        I wrote it rather vague because a while back I had posted something similar and mentioned the apps etc that I wanted to use and the responses were to do this and do that and then do this to be able to do what you want to do.. I don’t want to have to do this and that and then this or that to do what I want, I want to open an app and that’s it, it just works. Yes sure I know i can do all of these 5 or so steps to do what I want to do, but why should I when I didn’t have to on Android?!

        The biggest point I think I was trying to make here is that Windows Phone is still far behind, even though it does seem very popular, they’re still lagging in terms of what it can do compared to other OSs like Android and iOS. The main issue I think is that like Murani mentioned below, people leave Windows phone and go back to iOS or Android because they can’t do the same things on Windows Phone yet that they could on the other OSs. I can see this being a major problem for Winphone getting any kind of real foothold.

        I’m like you, I hacked the crap out of my WinMo phones, roms and everything with them, but that’s me and you and the average person on the doesn’t know the difference between a rom and a ram let alone how to flash one or what it is really. I’m at the point in my life I think that I want something that dos what I want it to do without having to hack it. Those of us that do flash and hack the phones are a minority really, for Windows phone to succeed it needs more support and it needs more of the same app availability.

        By now we should see more and more of the same apps on all three major operating system but we really don’t yet. Most of the same things can be found on iOS and on Android, but chances are you won’t find it on Winpho.

        I get hundreds of press releases per day and honestly most are crap, and not worth posting, but the point is I rarely ever see anything for Windows Phone,. I get all kinds of things about Android and iOS. Seriously for every 50 Android and iOS PRs I get one for Windows phone.

        From my point of view I don’t see much of a future for Windows phone honestly and really that makes me sad as I do like it, I just wish it would do the same things I could do on my Android devices…

        I like the looks, the live tiles and how it all connects together with windows 8 etc, but bottom line is that if it can’t do what I want or need it to do then something is ultimately wrong and it’s not with me. Android and iOS are here to stay and at this point in time Winpho is a relative newcomer and has a lot of catching up to do, by having the ability to do the same things that people can do on iOS and Android, this will only help them in the long run. Sure it’s great that Winpho can do things the others can’t, but part of the core experience I think should be familiarity in order to gain new users. Like hey look we can do this too, but we do it better and we can also do this and they can’t…

  2. Good stuff and regrettably it is similar to alot of others who make the switch away from Windows Phone back to either iOS or Android.

    I’ve been patiently waiting for a mobile payment app (preferably Square but any effective one will do) but they don’t seem the least bit interested in providing one. I had hoped that with the arrival and uptick in devices sold since Windows Phone 8 hit the market that value-adding services and businesses would jump on board quickly. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be happening.

    I’ve started to look at both Android and iPhone as alternatives though, in truth, my dream scenario would be to get a Nokia Lumia 920 and have it decked out with the apps I need.

    I’m a daily user of OneNote and Excel. Most of my files are saved directly to SkyDrive and the ability to use the apps on Windows Phone is amazing. Its the small things that make the user experience for the user. Get those right and the user stays despite many flaws.

    • Well I’ll never go to iOS, but I still love Android, have several tablets actually… and I honestly do miss using it as my phone sometimes..

      If I could get a 920 I’d use it I think, but I still want to be able to use that same apps

  3. You guys think you have it bad trying to get a 920 on AT&T? I had to go out of my way and purchase one from Rogers Canada so I could use it in Tmobile Miami. So worth it though, best two months with a phone ever.

  4. I’ve been rockin’ the HTC Titan for some time. The windows phone is amazing but to save a few bucks I’ve switched to a work phone. I’ve been using the Moto Atrix HD, which has decent specs. I like android and I thought I could live with it. Truth is, I can’t. It doesn’t flow and have the smoothness that WP has. So my short time back with Android has ended after a week. Going to buy a nice yellow 920 so I can get my life back in order.

    P.S. I agree with McHale, HTC’s phones have been slipping the last few years. I’ll be happy to step away from them for now.

  5. I generally change phones yearly and then pass down the old phone to a family member. I have used an iPhone for the last two years after getting fed up with winmo. The first device release was not what I wanted from a hardware standpoint and I didn’t feel like I owed Microsoft anything to support them as they started up in what I had hoped would be a major improvement over the very buggy windows mobile OS and the dissaster they did marketing it. The reason why I stayed with iPhone was the camera and social media games. I like using my phone to take lots of pictures and videos and play tons of games like social chess, words with friends, scramble, infinity blade, Nike+, and slacker. I know Nike+ Was supposed to be coming out but I’m not sure if it has been released yet or not. Slacker on the other hand is a complete and utter train wreck on Windows phone. It is really user-friendly and clean on an iPhone.
    But since the iPhone has had a major disaster with the current camera hardware on the iPhone five I find myself wanting to have a look at the Lumea and the pure view camera. I really like the OS on the windows phone I like the people home I like to exchange in the emails but I find myself just wondering how far the OS and integration of apps that it is missing will go? With what looks to be another ho-hum iPhone 5S release I will definitely be looking at something different instead of getting an iPhone this year. I had considered jailbreaking my iPhone but found out DirecTV and possibly slacker would not work with a jailbroken device. I know there is an app that will stop apps from detecting the device being jailbroken but currently DirecTV is not on that list.the app is called xcon I think. So I will not be Jailbreaking it anytime soon which I thought would hold me in an iPhone for another year with having the Cydia store available to me and the tons of money I spent with them prior on the 4S.
    So for me it is the iPhone 5s or the next Lumia unless I find a 920 for sale used.

  6. There is no black HTC One X, only gray and white. This model was released in May of last year. The black One X you are referring to is the One X+. Its a bigger badder device in an identical shell.This was released in November. Not even close to being the same on the inside.

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