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ScareCauldron Comes to Android Phones and Tablets for Free

I’m going to grab this because it’s free and it looks cool and I think my kids will get a kick out of it. ScareCauldron let’s you mix Halloween sounds and have a frightfully fun time while you’re at it. Hey, it’s just in time for Halloween, so go and grab it…



Bit Cauldron today announced that ScareCauldron for Android is now available on Google Play. ScareCauldron allows you to turn any room or porch into a haunted house by running the app and letting your Android tablet or mobile phone fill the room with the scary sounds of Halloween. The app is haunted! If left alone a ghost will mix Halloween sounds, allowing you to scare your friends or even scare your mom.

You can use your speaker phone to make sounds haunt a room, hook your tablet or phone up to speakers to haunt an entire house, or use a cabal of phone and tablet holders to haunt an entire barn, field, school or graveyard.

If you are tired of mom or dad making you turn the sound down, use headphones or earbuds to enjoy ScareCauldron in surround sound. Unlike regular headphone listening where it sounds like the music is inside your head, the advanced SoundCauldron engine pulls the sound out of your head and can place it in any direction. Drag a sound around the cauldron and hear it move around you, from front to left, right, or even behind you.

“This is just the green bubbling gooey surface of what our revolutionary SoundCauldron engine can do. Our ARM® NEON™ and DSP assembler optimized software can do tricks that other mobile apps just can’t do,” said VP of Engineering Samuel Caldwell, “ScareCauldron is a very literal example of mixing sounds and locations, stirring the sounds around if you will, and we plan to fill your basket with a full product line of treats that make sound more fun on tablets and smartphones. The mobile screen may have to be pint size, but the sound can be gigantic.”

You can download ScareCauldron today using the Google Play Store app.