Hey guys.  Just wanted to follow up with you on the hardware information concerning the screen size of the pimpest AT&T branded Windows Phones to hit the interwebs.  There was some confusion Monday about whether this guy had a 3.6″ or 3.8″ SLCD Screen.  I am happy to report that it is, in fact, the larger of the two screen sizes so you can get your mobile multimedia on with an extra 2/10 of an inch.  The screen envy created by my 2.8″ of VGA inadequacy will be lifted this November!


  1. Actually, my focus on the 3.6″ vs. 3.8″ was the vertical onscreen keyboard. Without a slideout on the Surround I would have to be comfortable typing with the SIP. I couldn’t type worth a damn on my Fuze onscreen, but the Tilt2 (3.8″) is very usable. Those 2/10″ make a big difference for typing accuracy. Have to take a closer look at the default MS keyboard, but a 9/10 character layout works well with this screen size.

    Horizontal onscreen keyboards are useless IMHO. They just take up too much space.

  2. I was hopping for at least a 4″ screen from HTC. I am pretty sure I don’t want to commit to any device with a screen size less than that for the next two years.

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