From the news box, it seems Hardware Heaven has gotten a hold of an HTC Titan and put it through its paces in their latest review. They seem very happy with it as they gave it an average 9 out of 10 score. I’m not sure I would give it that though as I’m having signal issues with mine. It would be close though..


"HTC’s Titan, powered by Windows Phone 7.5, was released at the end of 2011 and today we give it a once over to find out what it offers for those looking for something a little different to Android and iOS."


  1. I like the conclusion: “Buy this phone – it is better, no matter what you have, this is better.”

  2. The phone is great, but HTC has some serious reception problems with this phone. Everyone on the team here at MD have said the same thing. Otherwise, the phone is awesome. Mango is amazing on it.

  3. Both my HTC Wizard and my Tilt had poor reception.
    Too bad HTC has not improved on that yet, I really enjoyed those devices.
    The Tilt did not hold up over time, but the wizard iS still near perfect, in a box, in my closet. It has been pulled out a few times, but only as a temporary replacement for my kids.
    I always promoted HTC but added a disclaimer about reception and device longevity,

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