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Hunting – Tower Defense Style Game Is Out

I just Hunting here on Marketplace and it looks like a nice version of a tower defense game for $3. Here is the description:

Welcome to the wild Stone Age, this is a wild jungle time filled with uncivilized nationalities and wild animals. To protect homelands and food, everyone must be brave to fight with the enemy. In this game, you will be a commander of a tribe to resist the enemy’s harder attack. You will have to not only build the defensive lines strategically, but also adjust each brave warrior’s standing place and structures on the defensive lines to achieve the most perfect protection!“Stone Age” is a very unique tower defense war game. In addition to many different kinds of classically defensive terrains, there’re some other defensive and operating terrains worth challenging.Ready to join this exciting and thrilling tower defense war? Just try it now!In order to provide the good service quality and more various types of maps, our team will update many offensive and defensive objects as well as the multiplayer cooperative mode (Regional network/ Bluetooth) to make this game more fun! Coming Soon!Game Feature:1.abundant and elaborate maps2.multiple and special ways to attack 3.the most types of defensive characteristics4.7 languages: Traditional Chinese, American English, British English, French, German, Japanese and Korean

If you test it out please share your findings with the rest of the group:)

UPDATE: A lite version with the first two boards is available here