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Green is Now “Exorcised” (Mostly)

If you get the reference, you’re probably pretty old, but I will make this a little trivia contest to see who can tell me the specific movie reference. The winner gets…the satisfaction of winning and knowing that you possess largely worthless information!

With all that said, the point is this: What were Microsoft and HTC thinking when they came up with that god-awful green color for selected items, checks, buttons, toggles, etc.? Who could possibly like that color (though, apparently, some noobs forced one of our fine chefs to restore it to a certain ROM).

Okay, Dr. Jim, get to the point, you’re saying impatiently. Here it is. After searching the cyberworld for weeks looking for and testing various solutions to this green that I’m not the least bit envious of, I came across two tools that got rid of about 95% of the green on my Fuze (loaded with EnergyROM 3.0 and TF3D2).

The first comes courtesy of drsquid from xda-developers. He has developed cabs in many colors (I went for dark blue) that allow a large part of TF3D to be changed. You can click here to read his thread. He also has cabs that turn the TF3D tabs different colors as well. Very sporty look indeed.

The second is UITweaker, an underappreciated app that works with both WM 6.1 and 6.5. Though it takes some time, you can set just about all of your WM elements to the color of your choice. Here is the link.

To help dial in the exact color you want, use this link to determine your RGB, Hex, and HSB codes.

See picture below for an example.

P.S. This is my first post as a contributor, so I apologize in advance if I get it wrong.