Aside from laughably large tiles it’s a little underwhelming. I know we shouldn’t have expected anything but where the hell are the unicorns?

Anyone else get the update for any other devices?


  1. Yes i got this 7.8 update for my Samsung omnia W phone in india. N have just updated it.

  2. Yes. I used the same disconnect method used to force Tango early. Got 7.8 on my Lumia 900. I resized a lot of my tiles smaller because they looked so crazy large.

  3. Those little tiles do make the Start screen more efficient. Went from 24 rows of (standard height) tiles to 16, but increased my tile count from 44 to 50. Had to use the disconnect method to suck the update in for my L900 (Nokoa and OS). Not going to bother trying my Surround till I hear that it’s even possible.

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