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I Left My Phone At Home – A Must Have App

Every so often an app comes around that fills a niche so perfectly that you wonder why you haven’t had it already. Well I Left My Phone At Home is just such an app. The concept is pretty simple. Once you install this app on your phone you can log on to a website so that you notify it that you left your phone at home. From then on all of your calls and texts will appear on the website. From there you can read your texts, respond to them (or missed calls) from the site (which routes the text through your phone), view your battery level, number of missed calls, number of emails and see your upcoming appointments. You can even set up an autoresponse to all missed texts and calls, so you can set it to “I left my phone at home today. if you need me just call me in the office.” Just think about this in practical terms though. If you forgot your phone you won’t be cut off from communication. You can see who is looking for you and still be able to text with them. I even use the app when my phone is in another room and I’m not in the mood to get up. There’s no need to now. I can just jump on to the site and see who is trying to get in contact with me.

I’ve used other similar type of apps in the past and they tended to bloat up my phone and kill my battery. That’s not that case with I Left My Phone At Home. I’ve been using it for a few weeks as the app was getting more features and I can’t detect any battery drain whatsoever. I actually leave my phone set to ‘away’ all the time and it’s always running on my phone.

The app is available on Marketplace for $4.99. Think of it as an insurance policy. It may be a rare thing for you to leave your phone behind but I’m sure you’d shell out at least that much to have access to it. It’s a one time fee and you get the updates that come with it and some good ones are planned:)

And don’t confuse this with MyPhone. That is really a backup app and not a real-time communication application. And that’s why I like this app so much. It works to keep me up to date even if I can’t look at my phone. It even works in classes or meetings when you know you just missed a call but you can’t be caught looking at your phone. Now just pop open the site. It works and fills a great niche and that’s why I’m so enthusiastic about it. The offical website for the app (and where you would go when you leave your phone at home) is ( and the MarketPlace link is here ( If you try it out share your findings here.