imageThose of us with WM devices probably know about I Left My Phone At Home. Here’s how I described it in the past:

Once you install this app on your phone you can log on to a website so that you notify it that you left your phone at home. From then on all of your calls and texts will appear on the website. From there you can read your texts, respond to them (or missed calls) from the site (which routes the text through your phone), view your battery level, number of missed calls, number of emails and see your upcoming appointments. You can even set up an autoresponse to all missed texts and calls, so you can set it to “I left my phone at home today. if you need me just call me in the office.”

It’s a great app and as the title suggests, there’s a beta available for Android now. So check er out! Smile Just go to:


  1. We were having some issues with the database being created and will be releasing a fix today.

    Sorry folks, it *is* beta :) Once it’s installed (and the database is created) it works like a champ. Anybody want to tell Google to release good installer tools, please? lol

    Feedback is appreciated, thanks!


  2. Ok – database issue solved. New installer is online. Enjoy! :)



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