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Moto Atrix gets some gingerbread update and custom rom love


surprise surprise, the Gingebread update is here!!! check out this WILD list of improvements.

Enhancements to the picture Gallery allow you to aggregate all your photos, your friends’ photos and photo comments from social networking and photo sites like Facebook and Picasa in one place for easy viewing
Enhancements so your Music player is now connected to a dashboard for music discovery. Plus, easy access to all your favorite artists, live, personalized recommendations for songs & videos and news and event updates
User Interface
Updated user interface with simpler home screen design, including shift to use of white backgrounds in menus, enabling better viewing experience
Dock Icons
Enhancement that enables easy access to favorite apps at bottom of each screen
Organized App Tray
Enhancement that helps you personalize and categorize favorite apps into groups so you can be more efficient
Location Based Recommendations
Enhancement that provides access to social content in one place so you can find out what is happening around you. You can use Yelp reviews and Facebook check-ins to find out what others are recommending
Faster Webtop Browsing
Enhancement to webtop application includes Firefox 4.0 so you can browse faster than with previous versions of Firefox
HD Video Playback
Enhancement that now enables HD Video Playback in 1080p for better viewing experience
Multiple Recipient Emails
Create groups for multiple recipient emails so you can communicate faster
One touch conference call access
Enhancement that makes it easier to dial-in to conference bridges while you’re on-the-go
Task Management Tools
Enhancement that makes it easier to create, edit & delete tasks, and to assign priorities and reminders
Productivity Tools
Enhancements to business ready security features so you can get more work done on-the-go which includes robust VPN, device and SD card encryption, device management via 3rd party console and remote wipe capability
Notification Tray
Enhancement that enables you to dismiss notifications one at a time
Device and SD Card Encryption
Enhancement adds both device and SD card encryption capability and policies.
Advanced IPsec VPN
Enhancement allows secure connectivity to corporate environments via IPsec VPN.
Application sideloading settings will be available to enable use of alternative application market places.

yes, you’re reading that right! side loading and it also includes the ability to unlock the bootloader! as an atrix owner myself, I’ve been waiting for this update for some time. it you’re into tinkering with your phone, you might have already known there was an unofficial bootloader unlock made available a few weeks ago.

unlocked bootloaders mean custom roms! I’ve been testing a few the last few days and I think I found my favorite. my champion rom is called “gingerbread” and can be found here. please make sure you read, read and re-read directions and instructions. and as always, you can reach out to me for help if you get stuck.

Finally! the atrix is looking up to its potential and not making me regret it’s purchase any more. enjoy the time in the light atrix fans!