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I Left My Phone At Home v1.4.0 Now Available

There’s a nice upgrade available to I Left My Phone at Home. This is the app that I said was a must have app  and Best Windows Mobile Apps rated it a 5/5. This app lets you log on to a website so that you notify it that you left your phone at home. From then on all of your calls and texts will appear on the website and you can read your texts, respond to them (or missed calls) from the site (which routes the text through your phone), view your battery level, number of missed calls, number of emails and see your upcoming appointments. You can even set up an autoresponse to all missed texts and calls, so you can set it to “I left my phone at home today. if you need me just call me in the office.” It’s a free update with the following new features:

  • FREE TRIAL – now you can enjoy I Left My Phone At Home for 30 days and part with five bucks later.
  • Note: All paid customers are already considered paid users – don’t worry!
  • Automatically add Contacts to your phone from the Dashboard
  • Updated icons on the Dashboard
  • Acknowledgments in the Dashboard when an SMS has been sent
  • New back-end changes to make it easier for us to add more features 🙂
  • Various bug fixes
  • International phone number support tweaks
  • Additional security measures and updated data encryption
  • In order to continue using I Left My Phone At Home, you will need to get this update!
    Sorry, to get you the latest features, there are some breaking changes, so we need you to upgrade on Tuesday, please!
    Also, starting with the 1.4 release, I Left My Phone at Home updates will be downloadable from the Downloads page. No longer will you need to wait for updates from Windows Mobile Marketplace or other online stores. We’ll get you updates as soon as they are available.

    So if you own it, get the update. If you don’t, get the trial. The download is available here