My brain still can’t digest this all. Yes these are the things we were told could exist but this is it. i-mate is debuting this bad boy at MWC. It’s a 4.7” touch display  running an Intel Clovertrail (Atom) processor, 2GB of RAM and 64GB storage capable of using HSPA+ and LTE with 10 hours of talk time. This is NOT a Windows Phone 8. This is a Windows 8 Pro PC in a phone form factor. But it gets better because it also has a dock and that sets it up with a 23” touch display, keyboard and mouse and there’s another 10.1” 1080 tablet. They’re looking for a summer release (that aligns with Blue which permits for better operations of smaller devices) and are gearing up for 10,000 units a week. Sign me up – I’m into this. Oh pricing – $750 for the phone and wit the desktop hardware it’s $1600 (we have to see how many screens you get at that price). From a work perspective this is tits. I mean, you have your PC on you at all times and can use it wherever you go and on whatever screen you move to.

Oh fine I’ll do it – fragmentation…sweet sweet fragmentation. Speaking of which, they must have gone for Pro to get the corporate types involved and not just stick with RT that restricts what they can do to the hardware. Wonder if this thing needs a fan…

via Seattle Times


  1. That’s interesting. Remember that this has been tried with Android (and Dr. Jim traded it back). It *may* be worth watching, but yikes the cost…

  2. I’m in for one at that price and may get the shiny extras as well provided it works with my network in 4g. For a cost less than the 920 which I still can’t buy without at&t or a bunch of hoops..wonder if it will run crysis 3 (typing crysis 3 on it may cause it to overheat =P ) I still want…

  3. I just want a 5″+ screen, and memory card slot. Don’t need all the extras.
    I would consider a switch back to Windows from Android, just for the browser, on the right device.

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