So about that iCloud thing. Infinite Apple received some screen shots of what a wifi sniffer reveals when traffic goes through the iCloud and the result: Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS cloud services received calls. They state “ provides some sort of authentication to a address, and then sends a confirmation back to iCloud. Image downloads come from an address.” The presumption is that this is temporary as Apple sets up its datacenters and without this they would be overrun with data. But really this feels like the Microsoft we all know. You know, the one that makes money when you buy an Android phone.

Tell them they’re behind everyone else and meanwhile they’re making bank regardless of what device you use. So please, make Microsoft some real money – whore the iCloud. image

Wait, how did Microsoft do this if Apple just created the cloud? Man this is a head scratcher…


  1. Apple = Epic Fail

    posted using my Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone which already has all the iOS5 features! With 500 more coming!

  2. @scott: From the original source “We’ve received an interesting tip today from someone who set up Charles as a WiFi proxy on their iPad to get a glimpse at the HTTP traffic which occurs when an image is sent through iMessage”

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