If you are looking for a visually stunning game with lots of action to play on your iPhone or iPad, then check out Infinity Blade which is free right now at the App Store. This Epic Game has you pitted against the God King and all his Titans. There are lots of weapons, armor, helmets, shields and magic rings that you need to master to become stronger and beat the higher ranking Titans and the God King himself unless he beats you and you start a new bloodline all over again. This game has been updated several times with lots of new levels and Titans to contend with. It is a great precursor for Infinity Blade II which is even better than the first. At the low cost of free this is a no brainer, go grab yourself a copy and even challenge your friends in the Arena!

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      Also, anybody know where I can get something for free? I only have limited time…

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  2. Looking at our iOS traffic, which has the highest volume in mobile device traffic, I thought it was relevant. Further, the game has won:
    **2011 IGN “Mobile Game of the Year”**
    **2012 AIAS “Mobile Game of the Year”**
    **Winner of the IMGA “Excellence in Gameplay” and “Grand Prix” Awards**
    **Entertainment Weekly’s “Top 10 Video Games of 2011″**
    Which to me indicates a few people other than me liked it as well making it post worthy. And lastly, I liked it so I posted it. Read the article, I give it a glowing review and think anyone with an iPad should grab this ASAP.

    • Hey yo Smith maybe you didn’t notice but I’m trying to get your back, running interference against your resident flame artist, don’t be tossing around on-topic distractions.

    • It’s a great game and very was innovative not to mentioned it looked stunning. I picked up the sequel when it was on sale but still haven’t played it yet.

      • The second one is awesome. I am down to playing the Clash Mobs because I have completed as much of the game as possible. Very cool twists. No spoilers of course. I’m level 91 right now. Oh and Simmons, suck It! Hahahaha

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