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Pre-Orders Start Today for the iPhone 6

So who is pre-ordering? I live in a small town so generally I have not had to pre-order before. But I think I am going to hold off. I would like to physically compare the two first. I do a lot of running and like wearing my iPhone 5S on my arm. I listen to Slacker and use the Nike Plus running app. I have over 3 years of data in there and I would hate to lose that. One thing for sure, the bigger screen could not come any sooner! The Mobility Digest folks have been talking about the two iPhones and it seems most of the ones getting one are going to use it for development purposes and get the iPhone 6 Plus. I am a road warrior and travel a lot so I may stay with the smaller iPhone 6. Would love to get your feedback on this. Which iPhone are you getting, and if you are not getting one why not? Dust off your best iPhone flaming routine and drop that too. Why not.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available in stores starting September 19th at 8am.

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