The Deathless Kings. Venture into the dungeons of the castle and discover the hidden terrors that await. If it’s anything like the quality of the first release and extremely fast update, this will be well worth a play-through.

Hot on the heels of today’s iPad 2 announcement (which featured the game several times), developer ChAIR released the free update to the award winning game Infinity Blade, as well as discounted the game to an impulse-buy price of $2.99 until the 6th.

This update adds in new baddies, weapons, rings, and much much more.  I’d write more about it, but I’m loading the game up and getting ready to play it!

Long story short: if you have Infinity Blade on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, update it.  If you don’t have it, Buy it.  If you don’t have an iOS device… well..


Here’s the official list of updates from Epic Games’ site:

  • Gain access to the all-new “Dungeon” game play environment.
  • Players can battle and explore through six new game arenas, which nearly doubles the size of the game.
  • Featuring The Deathless Kings, players will encounter ten new enemies, including the Wood Jester, the Iron Guard, the Plated Sorok, the Warden, and more.
  • Fans will have the ability to continue building their character with NewGame+, which allows gamers to re-master any item, unlock new items in the store, and removes the level cap.
  • Collect and master more than 30 all-new magic rings, swords, shields, helmets, and armor.
  • Gain new achievements and compete on the leaderboards.
  • Enjoy new gameplay enhancements and optimizations, including multiple character slots, dodge button size slider, and audio volume controls.



Link to Epic Games’ Announcement

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  1. Can’t wait to get home and get my update. Further can’t wait to get my iPad 2 and try this out!

  2. I’ve beaten the game at least 4 times and I never keep the infinity blade so that I can enter the new game portion. What am I doing wrong? I updated the game and all and still get the credits. Starting to really piss me off.

  3. Hey, BlkMrClean, you do not get the infinity blade after you beat the god king. You need to purchase the infinity blade from the in-game store. It’s quite expensive, so I suggest saving up! Also, If you have updated the game recently, try this cheat. In the tutorial, when you are facing the Dark Knight, do not block any attack, and let him defeat you. Choose the option to restart castle, and the normal entry screen will appear with the text caption, “I will avenge you father”. Your character will be equipped with extremely powerful items that were hidden previously. The only bad thing about this, is that you cannot equip anything else. Try it out, and see what you think!

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