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CES: Seidio Launches OBEX Case for iPhone 5

More CES news for you, Seidio just announced the OBEX case for the iPhone 5 which is waterproof and drop-proof and should offer a lot of protection for your nice shiny new iPhone. The price of this case is a bit high, coming in at $80, but hey if you want to protect your phone then you’re going to pay for it right?!



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Seidio, a leading manufacturer of premium mobile technology accessories, adds the OBEX case to their expansive line of iPhone 5 accessories.  Using advanced technology and durable materials, the OBEX, (Latin for “barrier”) offers unbeatable, extreme protection against everyday drops, liquids, and dust.  Seidio unveils this unique case at Booth #4522 (North Hall) at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
“The iPhone 5 is the biggest thing in the mobile industry right now, and consumers want to feel confident that their investment is protected,” says David Chang, CEO of Seidio.  “That’s where the OBEX comes in.  It has undergone a series of rigorous tests, and has come out strong and durable against any encounters that could damage the device.”
The OBEX protects against water, snow, mud and other liquids.  This impressive case passed the IP68 rating which means it is both dust-tight and protected against total submersion in water.  The two-stage protection system ensures all critical points of entry are sealed tight and safe.  However, the specially designed case and top-quality materials guarantee protection does not obstruct functionality.  Anti-reflection glass causes no interference with the camera lens, and the screen protector sits flush with the screen so it does not leave behind any watermark effects and retains the screen’s clarity.
Seidio ran the OBEX through some serious drop tests, too.  It has passed the U.S. Military Standards test, MIL-STD-810G, which evaluates the case from 4-feet drops from a variety of angles.  This is due to the unique combination of Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Polyurethane materials.  Additionally, the screen protector is stamped with a 4H hardness rating to protect the device’s glass from external elements.
The case will not impede radio signals or Bluetooth.  Rubber stoppers are used in the important ports, and can be easily removed for access.  A patent pending design case with custom padding and grids allow sound to travel through without distortion.  Additionally, the OBEX will also be available as a case and locking holster combo.
The OBEX retails for $79.95, and the OBEX Combo retails for $89.95.  For more information, please check out
The OBEX case line is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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