At CES 2014, Intel unveiled Dual OS boot platform allowing user to switch between Android and Windows with single button push. Does it really make any sense? I am really not sure at this point though. I used to dual boot between Windows and FreeBSD and of course the new concept brings a hardware switch two swap between OSes immediately. I also used to own HTC Shift, where I could swap between Vista and SnapVue (HTCs version of tailored Windows Mobile 6.1) with a switch. But that machine used to have two separate processors. Here in this case it is a single processor. But still why two OSes and that too a phone/tablet OS? Tablet OS like Android running on more powerful Intel Processor is like using a big bowl to take teaspoon level medicine, IMHO. I may be wrong, but I don’t see a real use case or a real world problem that can be addressed with this. Ok, if this is to run Android Apps on Windows, then we have something like Blue Stacks already.


  1. Running a Nexus 5 and the Nokia 1520 WP, I can see how the 2 platforms are starting to operate similarly. While I might be happy with Chrome on a WP device, or IE on an android, dual boot has crossed my mind too.
    I kinda wish these 2 would get together and become 1. But that probably won’t happen.
    If dual boot becomes a reality, I am in!
    BTW, My N1520 has gotten much more use than the N5, just because of the screen size.

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