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Intel Unveils Dual OS Platform

At CES 2014, Intel unveiled Dual OS boot platform allowing user to switch between Android and Windows with single button push. Does it really make any sense? I am really not sure at this point though. I used to dual boot between Windows and FreeBSD and of course the new concept brings a hardware switch two swap between OSes immediately. I also used to own HTC Shift, where I could swap between Vista and SnapVue (HTCs version of tailored Windows Mobile 6.1) with a switch. But that machine used to have two separate processors. Here in this case it is a single processor. But still why two OSes and that too a phone/tablet OS? Tablet OS like Android running on more powerful Intel Processor is like using a big bowl to take teaspoon level medicine, IMHO. I may be wrong, but I don’t see a real use case or a real world problem that can be addressed with this. Ok, if this is to run Android Apps on Windows, then we have something like Blue Stacks already.