iOS 6 Wifi Issues Are Real

Add this to the list of reasons to side eye the “new” Apple. According to the 91 pages worth of moaning and complaining on Apple support forums, people are NOT happy! As of now, Apple has had nothing to say, but users are reporting if you find your way down to the Apple Store they’ll replace the device for you.

“Upgraded iPhone 4S OTA to iOS 6 and Wi-Fi is grayed out. Reboot and Reset Network settings did not work,” Alexander_O wrote in Apple’s forums. “Gave up on trying to fix this issue and just returned the phone to our network provider,” another user said. And yet another found that, after 10 re-installations of iOS 6, the Wi-Fi was working again.


source technobuffalo


  1. Maybe Apple will give everyone who updated to iOS6 $100 (thank you Nokia). On second thought, naaa, it will be, ” your using it wrong”. If you get an iPhone 5 it has LTE, so you don’t need WiFi.

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