do-not-disturb-ios6iOS6 is going to be heading our way soon and there is already leaks of what it will contain. The first and the one I am most looking forward to is a deeper integration of Facebook into the core of the OS like Twitter currently is. now another leak indicates that that iOS owners that are needing to quiet down their notifications will have a “Do Not Disturb” toggle like the one that is mocked up here on the right by 9to5Mac. This is an ability that is found in the OS X software and looks to be making it’s way to iOS. Apple as previously mentioned is, along with rival Microsoft, moving towards on OS to rule them all and limiting fragmentation across all platforms which will definitely be good for everyone.


  1. Hope that option can be setup with a time limit or resets on charge. Otherwise there will be a lot of calls to customer support complaining that, “my notifications stopped working”.

  2. There are already apps on BB and Android, AS WELL as on jail-broken iphones that do this. They not only do this but they do it 10 times better. When you put the do not disturb on– they flush everyone straight to voicemail. When you create a white list and you tell the app to accept calls only from those numbers– they flush everyone else straight to voicemail. (And you get a log of all the flushed people) To the unwanted caller– your phone for all intents and purposes is OFF. With apple’s new feature–your phone is ringing and ringing… you just don’t know it. And to the unwanted caller– you’re just ignoring them.. and they know it. This more than defeats the whole purpose. There’s no difference between this feature and just silencing your phone. (other than being able to have the phone ring for SOME callers). Anyone interested in such a feature wants to all out avoid stalkers, energy drainers, blabbers, and all out nuisances– and they would much rather have the nuisances believe their phone was OFF.

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