According to the WSJ ( Ive has been having meetings to work on the design of iOS7. Accoding to WSJ “Some suggested that in Apple’s next mobile operating system, Ive is pushing a more “flat design” that is starker and simpler, according to developers who have spoken to Apple employees but didn’t have further details.” Ok so Ive likes the look of Windows Phones. Can you blame him? I bet they trademark the words metro and magazine style while they’re at it. By the way I feel like we’ve heard these reports in the past so this is just more noise that’s either confirming or echoing the old noise.


  1. Now all iSheeps will think apple came up with this design language. Or at least they would say apple improved it, or apple made it work.
    I hope WP8 was moving in a faster pace. And lets hope Blue or 9 isn’t a let down.

    • Valyum Just watch how many people come up to us pointing stuff out that is cool and new to them that is old to us.

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