So we know how iPhone users react when shown the same iPhone they already own, but what about iPad users being shown a new Windows 8 tablet? Geekwire takes to the Apple store to catch users as they walked out of the Apple store. You’d be surprised what they have to say, this is interesting to say the least.

Check out the video below.


  1. Definitely surprised at the responses. We’re talking about an old Samsung tablet not any of the newer ones. The ability to swipe in from edge to change apps was appealing too. This shows that once someone is shown on how to navigate that the rest is pretty easy to pick up on.

    Of course the more someone is invested in the Apple ecosystem the less likely they are to convert but vice versa. The main thing is the general reaction is favorable. The more people play with the devices the more they will sale.

    • The more people use something the more it will [begin to] sell, not a bad catch 22 right there.

      Thankfully for you and Microsoft fans the world is stuffed with guys with Windows tablets and microphones running around trying to promote the underdog with their youtube account, getting people to try the damn thing and evoking these superlative reactions, driving sales bigtime.

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