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Collapsible Leaf Mount Stand For Your Smartphones and Tablets

leaf-mount-1 This actually looks pretty cool even though my naked device OCD is screaming at me NO! It’s the Leaf Mount aluminum stand for your Smartphone or Tablet and it has two sticky surfaces to hold your device in place so you can view it while keeping busy doing other things or nothing at all. It is foldable and comes with a really cool travel bag assumabley to keep dust and other debris away from the sticky surfaces. To clean them if you get lint and whatever all over it is simple, just get some scotch tape and clean it off.

Léaf Mount goes where your device goes, into any room or setting you need. It can detach and re-mount simply, without leaving any sticky residue for ultimate portability. It’s the one mount you’ll ever need.

  • Use Léaf Mount as a car mount to place your Smartphone on your windshield or dashboard for easy navigation and hands free calling.
  • Use Léaf Mount to mount your Smartphone or your 7 to 8 inch tablets.
  • Use Léaf Mount as a desk mount for easy FaceTime, message checking, video watching and song selection. It’ll even hold your tablet up while in the kitchen so you can easily check a recipe mid-chop.

Check out more on Kickstarter but for me I’m not sure about suspending my device like that. Especially in a car. Let’s see how things go for the Leaf Mount.

Link: Léaf Mount: Collapsible Stand for Ipads, Androids & Iphones