We’ve been quiet about it until now but we’ve had a mole inside Foxconn for a while now and we have the first review of the iPhone 4 for you! No further intro needed:

  • The screen is the best ever
  • The size is the perfect
  • The camera is unparalleled
  • The speed is flawless
  • The experience is better than anything
  • It’s not missing any hardware. If you think it is, it’s intentional
  • It’s got apps you couldn’t even dream of
  • How does it compare to other smartphones? There is no comparison
  • It has no flaws…in fact there won’t be an iPhone 5 because iPhone 4 is so


  1. And to think I was just about to switch to Verizon and get the Incredible. I guess I should just stick with big blue and buy the God phone.

  2. As an owner of an HTC Fuze who has been a supporter of Windows Mobile, I may take AT&T up on the early upgrade offer and go with iPhone4. Yeah, having to use iTunes stinks but Microsoft wait for WP7 in light of the new iPhone and Droid phones has been horrible. They need to move WP7 up, like, in 2-3 months!

  3. dang, that review just changed all my views on apple. if they can create such a WONDERFUL phone why am i holding back? i just have to try this phone out!


  4. Agree with Brian and Christian, like them even i might make a move finally for Iphone 4 as i have been tired tweaking the phone for WM for years and i dont want to do the same for WM or Android.

  5. arrggg AT&T get a decent android phone!!!! this is the first time i am actually considering an apple product just because my fuze is getting stale. HELP!!!!!

  6. months away from WP7…just wait er out…it’s worth it. Think about it – Silverlight is great looking and devs love it. And XNA is xbox games on a damn phone! it’s crazy to even think of

  7. i have been in the wm camp since the cingular 2125 but recently bought an iphone 3g (used from a friend) and i gotta say its way better than any wm phone out. sure, i resisted all the iphone fan fair and defended wm phones. i had 5 or 6 guys i work with all on them. 1 by 1 they dropped off and got iphones. i plowed on, intent on building the perfect wm phone. did the flashing roms, radios, and themes etc. i was pretty into it. now i cant imagine going back. do youself a favor and dump the wm; get a stable platform and tons of really usefull apps. it really is a great product. ms has been asleep at the wheel for a while now, i honestly dont see any chance of a comeback for the windows phone. when the iphone is available on more carriers besides at&t it will drive the windows phone platform to become extinct.

  8. @senorshaggo:

    I agree man…I don’t hate WM or WP7. But I want useful apps, fast and good looking phone and the wait for WP7 us just too long.

  9. I’m sorry but who wrote this piece of cr*p???

    It’s great! It’s the best smartphone ever! It’s unbeatable!

    For God’s sake! It’s an iPhone, it’s not bringing nothing new to the market, except its screen resolution, which is great I must admit. But apart from that, it’s meh.

    Apple always is re-launching things (such as video calls) by saying we do it first when it’s already in the market for years.

    Sorry but I’m not falling for this. If WP 7 won’t live up to my expectations then I know what my next device will be: HTC Scorpion. Yaaay :D

  10. Diego- I wrote it…it’s a joke:) I hate their products and it’s mocking the way the media treats them. The screen resolution is finally catching up to the industry. 5mp camera is old (EVO is 8 facing is 2x iphone4). It’s missing a dual led flash (one doesn’t cut it for me). It’s missing a UI and lots of things…it’s a joke.

  11. Well,,,,,,,, I thought it was funny. I am surprised that so few Apple fans turned out to worship at the alter you erected form them.

  12. Let me tell you my main reason for being tempting to go iPhone4 and not waiting any longer for WP7…VPN. WP7 will not have VPN out of the box and that was one of the best things about my WM 6.5 device. Add that to the speed, remote desktop apps and Citrix and it is an “on-call” persons dream. I still hope that WP7 will be a success and perhaps I may go to it in two years but as it stands, I may be heading to pre-order my iPhone4 next week.

  13. @Brian – i know a direct VPN is out but I’m not sure that precludes Citrix – it’s like Skyfire – a picture of a picture. If you want, add it to the ‘ask MS about WP7’ comments. It’s interesting to see if that is plausible or not.

  14. @Brian:

    I’m in the same boat. My Fuze is barely holding on. Digitizer is pealing, power button doesn’t work anymore. Damnit WM 7, hurry up…:( :(

  15. David you are forgiven! haha

    There are only 2 good things about iPhone 4. As we already mentioned its screen resolution and also is a worldwide phone, both GSM and 3G. This should be a standard now in every cellphone company. Why can’t we all carry our phones to Europe or US and not use 3G?

    These are the only things I like about iPhone 4. The rest is pointless.

  16. I too am considering moving from my Fuze to the new iPhone. HOWEVER, I’m going to wait until the Samsung Galaxy S (or whatever AT&T rebrands it as) comes out before making the decision. I really think I’ll be happier with Android than IPS, but will make that decision once I’ve played with them side-by-side.

  17. Buying an iPhone is like selling my soul to the devil hahaha ( IMHO!!! ).

    No way, I’m gonna stick with WinMo 6.5.3 until Samsung Galaxy S comes out.

    If the US version *still* doesn’t have a flash for its camera (yes I DO take pictures with flash with my cellphone: Samsung Omnia II), then I’m gonna wait for HTC Scorpio and/or any HTC with WP7 loaded in it. yaaay! :p

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