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24ct Gold iPhone 5 now available

24ct Gold iPhone 5 now available

Have some chump change to toss around? $4,300 worth of chump change? Why not treat yourself to something ridiculous like this 24ct iPhone 5. I urge you to add to cart as fast as you can, never mind the “what if I have to take it apple to have it replaced because of wifi issues” elephant in the room, the point here is, balling! Out of control!

If this thing is for you, you can find it on goldstriker’s online store.

Apple iphone 5 fully embellished in 24ct gold . This stunning iPhone  is uniquely crafted. Best quality Crystal stones are added to its own mounted 24ct gold logo and home button. Like the diamond setting process each stone is individually set into cut clasps adding seductive detail. The handset is 64gb and unlocked to all networks worldwide.


source chipchick

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