I woke up this morning with  some certain sadness in the air, Steve jobs had indeed passed away. For a long time I’ve been known to cut apple no slack what so ever, in fact, many know be to be the anti-apple. Still, in all my dislike towards the company, the one thing I could never deny was Steve Jobs’ brilliance.

As a Microsoft fan boy, you’ve got to make peace with your love-hate relationship for Steve. No one has rung Microsoft’s bell more times than Steve and the apple camp. This directly lead to plenty of competition and has always lit a fire under Microsoft’s ass. Nothing is more telling of this than the latest Windows Phone 7. Steve’s innovation forced Microsoft to scrap it all and come once more.

As I am heavy anti-Apple these days, I still feel like a tribute is owed to such a great innovator. I have voiced my opinion on how innovation left Apple when Steve walked out the door, I am still convinced there will be none of this at Apple after Steve. Although still not convinced the iPhone 4S is purely from Steve, I feel it will be the last of his innovation (maybe not, the iPhone 5 could be the very last) I could get my hands on. And so, I am considering the iPhone 4S as a “nod” from me to Steve for a job well done. And by job well done, I mean, forcing an entire industry to break their lazy habits and innovate.

I owned an iPhone 4 once upon a time, and didn’t have all bad things to say about it; in fact, it was still worlds ahead of any android device I’ve ever used. Trading up my secondary phone (which is currently Motorola atrix) for the new iPhone 4S really wouldn’t be a big deal. Also taken into consideration I already own an iPad 2 as well.

My point here is not to get too deep into the multi-device life conversation, my point here is to own a part of a great innovator’s legacy. And so, I am considering the iPhone 4S.



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  1. A real tribute to Steve Jobs would be to stay true to yourself. If you are anti-apple I’m quite sure Mr. Jobs would want you to stay that way. (Revenue dollars aside, that is)

  2. Dumbest reason to buy something ever.

    Jobs won’t know or care if you buy an iPhone. Jobs is dead.

  3. some people drop their kids to catch a baseball at a game…others consider buying an iphone. i suppose “dumbest” is one of those truly relative things…. humph… who would have thought.

  4. In a weird way I feel the same. Like being a lifelong diehard pistons fan but respecting he heck out of Michael Jordan for his drive and talent to make things happen.

  5. I guess i just can’t relate. I may talk crap, but I’m not an “apple hater”. I simply don’t give a shit about apple products as they don’t appeal to, nor impress me. I don’t understand the cult-like following, but more importantly the products just don’t matter to me.

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