Apples AuthenTec technology acquisition a few months back raised some eye brows and excited the pundits to say the least. AuthenTec specialized in fingerprint technology, which spawns a few rumors with a side of wishful thinking among the community. Could Apple be planning to do away with on screen passwords as we know it?

According to an analyst by the name of Ming-Chi, we are all in for a treat later this year as Apple puts their newly acquired finger print technologies to work in the upcoming iPhone 5S. Although none of this has been confirmed, and we are running away with an analyst made story once again, I have to admit, fingerprint security in the home button would be a game changer.

This would solve a ton of silly issues, mainly theft. If they could find a way to hard core that technology to the hardware level as opposed to just the OS, even if a theif were to wipe the device, they would still be stuck! I could also imagine Apple allowing you to add up to 3 recognized prints, all the while getting rid of the old school passwords as we know them. What do you think?! 


  1. Woah, slow down there. Every finger or palm print device I have ever used always had a back door. A keypad entry to bypass the reader technology (same goes for voice access). Why, because the shit does not always work. And where there is a back door…..well, you know the rest.

    Sure, this may be more convenient than using a pin code (if it works reliably) but it won’t make a device any more secure. Unless the alternate access pincode needs to be 60 characters long.

  2. Jim Szymanski, as u say that every finger or palm print device has a back door which u mention as keypad entry.. keypad is not new or added advantage technology for any device. But I would finger or Palm print device itself a backdoor to unlock the device if u know how to unlock it.. coz it mainly depends on the sensor we use in the reader…

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