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Armpocket Finally Gets Armbands Right for Athletes!

  I am an avid runner and cyclist and soon to be triathlete if I can ever get better at swimming. Right now, while I run and cycle, I seem to be running into the sake frustration no matter what I do. How do I carry my device without it being a hassle? First there is comfort. Almost all of the armbands I have tried have slipped down or have been very uncomfortable to wear. Second is sweat. I sweat like no one else I know. I have had to resort to putting my iPhone into a sandwich baggie to keep the sweat off so that the speakers don’t get saturated and stop working until it dries off. (Don’t judge me)

So I have been looking for a decent, well constructed, sweat proof armband to carry around my device. Then this morning I get an email from the folks at Armpocket. I check em’ out and had a very pleasant surprise! There are two models that I think would work great for me. The first is the new Racer version that has the minimalist in mind. Lightweight and sweat resistant, you can still get a key and perhaps some money or a drivers license/ ID in it. Nice strapping system and not too hard on the wallet costing $24.95.

Then for cycling in those early mornings, they have a version called Flash. This has several possibilities for me in mind. First I could keep it on my arm, angle it backwards and let the LED lights make me a perfectly visible target for the fitness haters driving to work. I always do what I can to let them know I’m there and a sitting duck. Just kidding, the LED lights would make for a very visible warning of my presence for people behind me.  With the strap extender they have, I could also wrap this around my Tri-Bars in the front for a front facing warning as well since I already have an LED light under my seat. So many possibilities but one thing is for sure, this is a great idea!

Head on over to Armpocket and check out their other version of Armbands and find the one that best suits you.