Man the truth is great. After all you people telling me about how perfect Safari is it turns out that as soon as Opera is available for the iThingies it becomes the number one download in all 22 markets. The truth will set you free. Now admit you want a WVGA screen, 5mp camera with a dual flash, Swype, Skyfire, FM radio, etc, etc…just admit you want what we have:)

I’ll save the rant…that’s what the comments are for. Sound Off. 

via Engadget


  1. I’ve tried it and it’s not worth it. It has rendering problems and no HTML 5 support. So in my book it’s a waste. It is however a step in the right direction in that they allowed a similar functioning app (like the core browser Safari) in the app store. Now how about letting Google Voice apps in? Ahh who cares I jailbreak anyways. :-)

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