Today’s Apple earnings call just ended. Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested no new products would be coming from Apple until the fall of this year and more would be throughout 2014. It is now time for everyone to give the same advice to Apple that everyone harpooned Microsoft with a couple years ago.

Competitors will not stand still and wait for Apple to reinvent markets anymore. They are not laughing off to their demise any suggestion that a new product is coming fro Cupertino that will shake the industry. Chief amongst the Apple competitors is Samsung. We all know Samsung is going to carpet-bomb the heck out of the Galaxy line of phones and pretty sure they’ll dominate sales figures all year. Add in the rest of their electronics lineup and Apple’s apparent delay in releasing new products and Apple might just find themselves introducing products later this year to a decidedly unwelcoming or even worse, apathetic market.

I’m stating right here that 2013 will indeed be the year of Samsung. Get ready for your new electronic overlords.


  1. I think Apple is focusing too much on the business side of things than innovating. They know that the current iPhone is selling and seem to be riding it into the ground before they make a significant change to something different. I think Steve Jobs did not leave Tim Cook his crystal ball because Tim seems to be struggling right now to get Apple back on track. I agree that Samsung is riding high right now and there is nothing to suggest the SGS4 won’t be the hit that the last two predecessors were but I don’t think Samsung has the strength that Apple does with the consumer base.

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