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Windows 8.1 Tips: Power of Start Button

Most of us know if we click on the new Start button at the lower right corner from any App, it will take us to Start Screen. Probably you might have encountered the right click on the Start button already. If not, why not try it. Once you right click on the Start button, which is at the lower left corner of the screen, it will open the power menu. This gives a lot of options including easy to shut down or restart the system. This is easier than going all the way to the right edge and pull the charms bar and click on power and choose options such as shut down, restart etc.

This menu also provides us with Command Prompt and Command Prompt (Admin), Desktop, File explorer, Task manger, control panel etc. short cuts that we need most of the time. In addition to these there are short cuts to system operations including Event Viewer, Programs and Features (which opens all the desktop or legacy applications you have on your system), Device manager, network connections etc.

I know what you would be asking next. Your question is how to right click on a tablet. Yes, with mouse input it is straightforward to right click. On the Windows Tablets, it is different. Just touch the start button on the lower left corner of the screen, and hold until a small animated box appears. Once this box appears, just lift your finger to see the menu. You can do the same for another application on desktop. For example you touch and hold the icon of Recycle Bin on your Desktop, it opens the context menu (right click menu) of Recycle Bin.

Hope this helps.