How many shots can a phone take? I mean, we know it didn’t sell well and was plagued with problems and lacks support but it just keeps getting worse. Today we confirmed why the Nexus One can’t handle multitouch beyond 2 touches, so playing games on it is a no go. The reason? Old hardware. Then Google confirms that the Nexus One will not be coming to Verizon. That’s a pretty simple call as the Incredible outperforms it. I guess that means that Google has a lot of N1’s to give away for Christmas:)

So, has the Nexus One gone the way of the Palm Pixi? Maybe that’s giving the Nexus One too much credit…I mean, the Pixi can be found on store shelves and is expanding to AT&T.


  1. I have no problem with that.

    To me this was more about Android and Google than it is about this particular device, which I concede is marginally outspecced by both the HD2 and the Incredible (though not entirely in ways that I’d personally prefer). Makes sense for Google and Verizon, regardless of whoever made the call, to go with the newer of the two rather than both and to keep riding on the Droid name. For any kind of fight against the existing and next iphones, whether it remains with AT&T or if Verizon picks it up, one flagship really nice Google phone is better than two.

    I don’t yet have buyer’s remorse on this. I don’t play Guitar Hero and the old multitouch hardware on the Nexus One gets the job done for my adventures with the sunbathers in Central Park. Also I don’t want a CDMA phone. Just a quirk I have about data being interrupted by voice though that will hopefully not matter soon if Google Voice goes VoIP officially (can still be done but not easily). And though I don’t hang around midtown much anymore, ground zero of AT&T’s pathetic performance I believe, AT&T appears to be cleaning up its act in New York. On the other hand I’ve got cell towers a couple floors above me so I don’t know. A couple extra megapixels would be nice but I don’t need the better flash (actually I keep mine off for furtive photography). Don’t care for Sense, never did. The two are otherwise the same phone more or less.

    As for what cannot be found on the shelves of AT&T, given what’s on them, I’m not taking that one too personally in terms of my pride with the Nexus One.

    I think we’ve said almost all there is to be said about pixels and included SD card size between your phone and mine, both of which were stamped out by the same people not too far apart in time. But as for Android and Windows, we’re just getting warmed up.

  2. way too easy to hate that thing… doug… you phandroidism is showing, your scaring the children…

    im seriously debating getting a palm pre plus for ATT…

  3. Good attempt by Google on the Nexus One, it was their first shot at the market. I’m interested to see what they come up next and hopefully they’ve gained some knowledge.

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