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AT&T Leaks Their Own Tilt II and Pure Video!

I love it! If they can’t beat us, JOIN US! AT&T Seth Bloom at AT&T has done a video introducing us to the AT&T Pure, which we had a lot of fun with this weekend, and the much anticipated AT&T Tilt II! The majority of the video is on the Pure and TF3D, but at the 4 minute mark (4:59 total length) Seth picks up the AT&T Tilt II and shows us the PTT Button and the back of the device with the dual speakers, dedicated mute button that makes this a conference call dream come true. Unfortunately he does not turn the Tilt II on.

Check out the video:

So AT&T beat us all to the pre-release frenzy on the AT&T Tilt II. Don’t worry, we will still be digging in the trenches trying to keep you up to date on the AT&T Tilt II. Why? It’s just what we do. LOL We’re just crazy like that! And please, if you have some information, leaked photos, on the Tilt II, or any device, please drop us a line. We respect all privacy or will credit you 100%!

. AT&T You Tube Link: Click Here