Apparently if you want to sell a lot of oversized phones at a premium price you need to throw in a few lies here and there to make the whole thing seems more revolutionary. When Jobs showed off the iPad2 he showed that it was priced better than the XOOM at the same specs. Well, yes if specs are merely storage and wireless capabilities. If you consider RAM, the iPad is half of the XOOMS (512mb to 1gb), has a lower resolution screen, lacks a camera on the flash, lacks stereo speakers, lacks 4G, lacks micro-USB and a card reader. Look, I’m no XOOM fan (in fact I’d still take an iPad over it because of apps) but if you’re going to rely on specs to sell a product you should have them on your side. There’s more than storage + wifi + data. On paper the XOOM is the better spec’d device. I think the OS is actually the strong point for the iPad but that’s mostly just maturity in a tablet factor and more apps with that maturity.

But if you want to have a spec fight, they should probably pick a fight with someone else. Oh or have that fight in front of a bunch of zombies that are going to buy your product regardless of what you sell and how you sell it…


  1. Yeah, when are they going to put that camera on the flash? Hahaha it would be interesting to see how the A5 stacks up to the NVIDIA Tegra 2. As for the memory and specs you mentioned, most iPad users won’t care, as you said it’s all in that “magical” experience OS and apps.

  2. @Doug Smith: True story. Don’t forget that the FFC on the iPad 2 is still only VGA. Playbook is 3MP, The Xoom is 2MP and the HP Touchpad is 1.3MP. Interesting what happens when you tout facetime and all of your competitors optics for video chatting are better than your own. Even more interesting that Mr. Jobs claimed that the device sparks the Post-PC era yet a netbook has similar features and can run Flash and has less restrictions with HTML 5…

    Before I get off my soap box let me just say that the best tablet device I’ve seen is the 2.0GHz Viliv s10 Blade (there is a 1.6GHz version also). More expensive than an iPad? Sure is. But feature for feature, I don’t think there’s a tablet out that holds a candle to it.

  3. What pisses me off the most about Apple, isn’t anything Apple says or does that is inaccurate. They have proven themselves willing to bend reality to their favor time and time again. I’m ok with that, even if I don’t understand it or the logic behind it. Honestly there is no other reason than they are enormously arrogant. Why not just let your sales do the talking? It makes no sense and frankly just comes across as childish. It’s almost as if SJ is such an obsessive perfectionist he has to change the facts to fit his idea of what reality should be. But I digress, what really bothers me is how absolutely stupid people are when anyone dares to point out something not positive about Apple. People act as if their person or family has been greviously wronged and will lash out hatefully at the slightest criticism. People like these really do fit the bill for koolaid drinking fanatics. Wake up and get your priorities straight, go read about Lybia or Egypt and learn the difference between a piece of technology and something worth being passionate about.

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