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Did You Know it’s Kama Sutra Day?

Yep, today is the first annual Kama Sutra Day! In honor of today, they’re selling the app on most all major platforms for just 99 cents, and they’ve decided to extend it to September 7th so everybody can get it on. So much I could say about this, but I think we’re rated like PG-13 here, or at least we try, so I really can’t but I’m sure you can use your imagination… read the PR


The first annual Kama Sutra Day, a worldwide celebration of all things related to the ancient love manual, has reached a global audience of lovers across the Internet. The official "day of romance" is a collaboration between Kama Sutra, the well-known manufacturer of romance and intimacy items, and iKamasutra, the leading Kama Sutra smartphone app. The unique cross promotion has led to an unprecedented 330% increase in sales at the Kama Sutra online store and 243,000 downloads in a single day for the iKamasutra app.

"Kama Sutra Day started off as just a fun idea for summer," reveals iKamasutra founder, Naim Cesur. "But it has really found a place in the hearts of lovers around the world and we couldn’t be happier."

The joint promotion, launched on Kama Sutra Day August 16th, allows iKamasutra users to experience a new way to spice up the bedroom with an exclusive coupon code for There are over 60 items to "make love better," including luxurious body oils, body paints, bath and massage products.

"Our customers love the iKamasutra app, so we wanted to offer something truly special," says Joe Bolstad, founder of "We hope Kama Sutra Day will encourage intimacy and enhance sensual awareness."

iKamasutra is a mobile app that has codified thousands of years of Kama Sutra experimentation into the modern context of smartphones. In honor of Kama Sutra Day, the app is on sale for just $0.99, but with the influx of new users, Cesur says the iKamasutra promotion will be extended until September 7th, 2011.

The original Kama Sutra, written in ancient Sanskrit, is considered to be the world’s definitive work on sexual positions. Kama means "sensual" and sutra refers to a set of aphorisms or rules—an ancient sort of "user’s guide" for sex.

Bolstad and Cesur hope Kama Sutra Day’s message of happiness and freedom will spark more lovers to "spread the love."

"If they download the app or buy more romantic accessories to make the bedroom even more exciting, all the better," says Bolstad.

About The Kama Sutra Company

Founded in 1969, Kama Sutra offers a full line of romance and intimacy products. Inspired by the "Make love, not war" attitude of the sixties, Kama Sutra distributes romantic items for the bedroom to seventy countries, and truly embodies its motto, "Making love better." Products are sold at Whole Foods, Walgreens, CVS, Spencer Gifts, and online at

About iKamasutra

iKamasutra is the bestselling sexual position app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices benefiting from critical praise and 5-star ratings. Boasting 5 million users, all with big smiles on their faces, the app has ushered in a new generation of Kama Sutra connoisseurs. Learn more at