The unofficial date that we were expecting to hear about the newest version of the iPhone was October 4th and now we have confirmation. Apple has been sending out invites to the press today for the press conference that will start at 10:00am Cupertino time or 1pm eastern. If you are in the San Fran area and want to crash the party, it will be held at the Moscone Center as usual Apple’s headquarters at Infinite Loop.

Apple has done another superb job at hiding the facts from the press and laying out plenty of misdirection to help stir up interest and shield us from what we can really expect. But fear not people, in one weeks time Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO will take the stage and let us know what we can expect from Apple in the newest device (devices?) that they will be releasing!


  1. @Murali: It better be a bigger screen. I just read that the iPhone 6 might have curved glass. Are you kidding me? The iPhone 6 rumors are starting? UGH!!!!!

  2. lol
    iPhone 7 has a removable second screen and can be used to power your house when the grid goes offline…

    Anyway, I thought the event was at Infinite loop, not the Moscone center?

    In fact, I’m SURE that the event is at HQ.

  3. Yes the invitation shows infinite loop as the place to be and it also sounds like the iPhone is the star of the show. At least we know what we’re finding out.

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