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I bet your Android Tablet friends don’t have one of these!

If you have ever walked into an Apple Store you may have noticed the cool acrylic docking stations that are used for the iPad and iPhones. If you have and wondered how in the world you could make one yourself or schemed how you could “pinch” one out of the Apple store, hold everything, because there is an easier way to make your desk look like a slice of Apple Store Heaven! New PC Gadgets has just launched a an acrylic docking base that will no doubt make you the talk of the office.

Now you can dock your iPad 2 and iPhone just like the professionals do at the Apple Store. The new iPad 2 Display Dock is designed out of high-quality clear acrylic and provides the optimum viewing angle for your iPad 2 while also docking your iPhone (or iPod).

The iPad 2 Display Dock is the perfect solution for combining your favorite Apple devices into one charging base. The elegant look of the Dock will compliment any office environment.

The iPad2 Display Dock will make you the envy off all your friends who bought inferior stands. Order yours today.

If you want to make your home or office surroundings more like the Apple Store then prepare yourself for a $74.95 price tag and healthy heaping of shipping costs thrown on top. Head on over to New PC Gadgets for more information and to purchase.

I bet your Android Tablet friends don’t have one of these!