I’ve never been fan of Apple products. Yes, they are elegantly engineered and designed products. But I don’t like the authoritarian control that Apple asserts over its products and I don’t like the way  it forces me to use its stuff the way they want me to rather than how I want to. Apple puts consumers in a beautifully wrapped box, but it’s still a box!

But I had never had the chance to sink my teeth into an Apple of any sort (no pun intended re: image on right) until I broke down and bought my wife an iPhone yesterday. I’ve spent the last day setting it up for her and learning how it works. To say the least, I was not impressed and don’t understand what the hoo-haa is about.

Of course, there are well-worn criticisms such as no SD card and no replacement battery. And there’s the lame UI (if you want to call it that; really just an app launcher); so little information on the home screen. Speaking of UI, there are a ton of icons that can’t be removed (e.g., Game Center, Utilities), only dragged to the far nether regions of the screens. No readable clock, weather, or detailed calendar (Smooth Calendar rocks). Android has ‘em!

The keyboard sucks IMHO. Any time I want to use punctuation (which is all the time for anyone who is semi-literate), I have to switch to the number keyboard and even then all of the punctuation isn’t available and you have to switch to a punctuation keyboard. Android’s got many different keyboards to choose from including swype and swiftkey.

Let’s talk about that one button. What a pain! What if I don’t want to go back to the home screen? Android enables me to move around my phone with ease.

No easy toggles for Airplane mode, GPS, Wifi, or Bluetooth. Android’s got ‘em!

No Google Navigation, or Google My Tracks, no good language translation, no Google SkyMap.

And there’s no easy way to put a Direct Dial photo icon on the home screen either. With Android, piece of cake.

I have to pay for most of the apps that I wanted on the iPhone. With Android, most are free.

Maybe I haven’t explored the iPhone enough and it does have everything I miss. Maybe once I and, more importantly, my wife get used to it (she came from a Palm Centro!), we’ll love it. I can’t speak for my wife, but I don’t expect to.

I know I could jailbreak the iPhone, but heck, it’s my wife’s phone, not mine. And, by gosh, this is America not China and I should be free to do what I want with anything I buy! With Android, as The Who sing, “I’m free.”

I realize that this is all probably old hat for you long-time iPhone haters, but I just needed to vent and get this out of my system.

I have 30 days to return the iPhone, just outside of the window of when the Atrix arrives. I’m hoping that my wife hates the iPhone as much as I do, so I can make the switch back to my beloved Android.


  1. I can totally get your frustration with the “Apple Way”, but the real question is what did your wife think of the phone? Assuming you purchased it for her, is she a happy user? In the end that is really what matters.

    Some of your points are not entirely accurate. For example if you type cant, dont, or ill auto replace will give you can’t, don’t, or I’ll respectively. What I would say is, on android why type, use voice dictation as it is amazingly accurate

    The iPhone is not overloaded with heads up widgets like android, but the weather shows you the weather on the icon; calendar shows the date; and the clock is at the top.

    Google Navigation is something I cannot live without as I travel all the time but for many they just dont need it. I guess is the Navigation important to the primary user?

    Many of your other points I agree with. I love Google My Tracks, Nike fit just cannot compare.

    The strengths of Android is in the flexibility to let you change things. Like switching to use SwiftKey or Swype vs the default keyboard. Apple the strength is in a predictable user experience.

    I hope you write a post in the coming weeks on your wife’s opinion on the iPhone.

  2. Dr. Jim, you sum up my exact thoughts so well…

    Apple has always made most of their money by appealing to a large base of ignorant consumers who seemingly have no idea what they want until Apple tells them. Couple that with massive, catchy marketing and the money starts flowing right into Jobs’ pocket. Look at the first iPods. Look at the first iPhones. Look at the first (heck, all of them) Macs. By every person educated in tech, all were/are ridiculous rip-offs, and the sales were still record-breaking. The first iPhone was 2G in a predominantly 3G market and sold for $700 under contract! All they do is offer average products at a ‘premium’ price, and people bite every time. $$ aside, look at the Verizon iPhone numbers. If you want an iPhone so bad, wouldn’t it make sense to wait a few months until their annual refresh hits? To me, that’s unintelligent consumers right there.

    I’d really be curious to see the demographics are for iPhone since Android has hit its surge. Of nearly all the people I’ve heard of purchasing iPhones in the past year or so, all either bought it on impulse or due to ‘peer pressure.’ To me, (an above-average, educated electronics consumer) you shouldn’t be purchasing a device based on impulse or peer pressure. And unfortunately, it’s Apple and their large number of consumers who have reshaped the ‘smartphone’ market and taken the steam from the educated. While I’m not saying that all of Apple’s ‘innovation’ is bad, it’s the lack of functionality on a device that really bothers me. As Android and WP7 expand, one can only hope to see the market redefined by users who enjoy more than just apps on their phone.

  3. Man, you spent like a year talking about how much you liked iphone today. Now that you tried the real thing, you hate it. Now that is funny!

  4. In terms of Apps, from what i’ve seen the iOS apps seem to be better quality and cost more. Overall, it’s about what you want. If you want to be able to control your device and have it work the way you want it, get Android. If you can’t be bothered or enjoy using your device the way jobs says you should, get an iPhone

  5. @Patrick Kortendick:
    The sad part is. I am Asian and MOST Asians are iPhone consumers. I on the other, HATE iPhone and I find the UI is boring as hell. I do like the design of iPhone4, but not the price. Don’t get me wrong, I used to own iPhone 3Gs until it was replaced with HTC HD7. However, the OS is young(2 months old), and occasionally I had to take the battery out due to the screen freezes when running other 3rd party apps.
    Windows Phone7 will and hopefully iron out the OS, and with better hardware design(like Nokia phone but better). It will have a very good chance to lead.

  6. Gents, the fact is, is that Apple has a great marketing gimmick..they show the usability of apps and rely on general consumer ignorance. Remember all those Iphone set up booths in ATT corporate stores? They pushed the product on the American consumer. I wish there were more aggressive commercials for the HD2 ,the Evo, anything that would derail a locked down, overhyped shell of an app launcher.

  7. @Jim: When in the world do you even need a SD Card? Can you honestly tell me that you have ever filled up a 16gb SD card? It might have been fine in the days before NEtflix, Hulu, and Pandora. Even Slacker. Don’t forget MobiTV. Does Android have all of them ? Nope, some but not all. So Storage is really a non issue going forward for most that are streaming and not hording content. Also, you mentioned no battery. Why? The iPhone’s battery is WAY WAY better than Windows Mobile, Android, or WP7. Ever wonder why the ATRIX is putting a 1930mAh battery in theirs? Energy Whores! I have never needed a replacement battery and some would say that what if the OE fails? Send it back and get a replacement. Use a spare battery pack, or get a mophie case/battery pack combo.
    Let’s see next complaint. No easy toggles? Assuming you are on the home screen, Tap the setting button. Hell if yo need it that often, put it on the bottom tray. Two presses pulls up on the bottom from any screen the last apps you used. I disagree, hate the UI, not the process to get to it. Both are just as easy imho.
    I never used My Tracks or Skymap but Google navigation is excellent on iOS. Here is the REALLY scary part, BING is WAY better on iOS than on WP7!! It is awesome!
    Direct dial is not present Phone/Favorites/tap name/ Facebook picture Jailbreak to get this. But hardly a reason for this post.
    There are TONS and TONS of free apps on the iphone, when you pay for an app it is because it is not ad supported. Android for example may have free apps, but there are ads on them. Case in point Angry Birds, I would way rather pay for the version than have ads. Just you wait and see if Google doesn’t add more ads to their free apps! After all, thats what they are, a marketing company.
    The iPhone is a simple app launcher really, I can agree to that, boring, yes. But the apps are way better on the iPhone. Netflix, games, and the App Store is just more organized. Also Facebook is way better too.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I really like Android believe it or not. But to a first time smartphone owner, the iPhone has a much shorter learning curve than Android. A Lot of people like that. My wife has a new iPhone and is a first time smartphone owner, she loves it and has an absolute blast with her friends and our kids with it. The camera is also WAY better than any Android out right now except the new Sony Stuff coming like the Arc.

    I think the dropped calls is somewhat of an issue. I drop some, but nowhere near the epic failure everyone reports.

    I don’t like Apple as a company, I don’t like the whole iPhone culture, but the shit works. I will agree that Android is a powerful platform. Third party UI and OE UI’s will shorten the learning curve for nOOb’s. The Android phones will have WAY better hardware too. I hate that Steve Jobs outlawed larger screens on the iPhones. I think he is an idiot for that among other things. But the Retina Screen is pretty bad ass.

    Now for Patrick: Calling iPhone owners ignorant is pretty ignorant on your part. We each have our areas of expertise. I am an expert in my line of work, and I know a lot of smart people that own one. I also personally know a shit pile of VERY smart developers for iPhone and that would beg to differ as well.

    I think the iPhone loses traction this year and Android continues to surge forward. Android already has more US Subscribers than iPhone and is quickly biting into BlackBerry.

  8. @Doug Smith
    What I don’t get is why people keep saying Android is so difficult to use. If you really wanted to you could change nothing on Android and have an equal experience as you would on the iPhone with the added bonus of being able to have a better experience if you wanted to. I understand Apple has created a really simple, really smooth, really polished experience that a lot of people prefer but to argue they prefer it over Android because Android is so difficult, not smooth, and unpolished is really not the case as of Android 2.2. I would rather have advertisements that I can easily learn to ignore and accept as part of the experience than be handcuffed to Apple in every single aspect of the “experience”. In my experience I’ve found most Apps to be on par with Apple’s offerings so I don’t really buy the argument that every app is better on an Apple phone. Also there is a HUGE difference between Google’s products being integrated into the experience and tacked on. I didn’t think so before but after using Android for a week now I can definitely say that is the biggest selling point. Especially if you use Google’s products a lot.

  9. there are many ppl who are less technical with gadgets just feel more comfortable being ‘caged’ in a confined space and they feel ‘secure’ when it’s really a restriction of usage in reality. i applaud for Apple’s successful marketing, but their gadget really have some faults which they try to cover up buy denying and making false statement. personally i refused to give in to Apple b/c i dont want to be paying ATT for iPhone data plan in blood for 2 yrs. i really hated the general public’s lack of voice in gadget consumerism. no one ever did complain about how much they were charged for using the iphone nor did many complain much about the lack of some capabilities in the phone itself and therefore things went on unchanged. i hate this mentality that the masses takes things for granted and making some rather bad choices. i guess most ppl are superficial to things they are not very familiar with. kids just want iphones b/c other cool kids / friends have them and parents just buy it so their kids can be cool or less fussy and that translates to less headache, it’s pretty ridiculous but it works almost too perfect. i guess the more i went on with this the more i make aware of what im really frustrated with. The general consumerism.

    Solution: Google start bombarding tvs with instructional yet entertaining commercials just like apple’s daily and force your regular joes/janes to realize what they have on their hand is actually a very capable piece of gem that could very well out play iphone in many situation. Google really need to be more friendly on the TVs so at least ppl will know that Android is NOT a phone but an OS …sigh

    …boy this is a great place to vent btw :p

  10. Not a bad article Jim, seems you’re getting the hang of it. Even managed to hook a combative defensive guy after having a good pad of posts of affirmation, concessions and supplements to what you said, though I was a bit surprised and slightly dismayed to see that it was Doug Smith.

    “Calling them ignorant is ignorant!” “Battery is superior!” “What about Netflix, MobiTV, Slacker, Pandora and Hulu!”

    Smith, … do you even know the capacity of the iPhone’s battery, the one that can’t be swapped? And have you tested current drawn by various Android devices’ screens at different luminosity or at least the two operating systems side by side doing equivalent things, anything to back up a statement about battery life?

    And what the hell are you, a doorman? Streaming TV on a damn cell phone all day, not being satisfied with your own multi-gigabyte music collection but having to listen to the radio — which, contrary to your dumbass remark, appears to be something you can in fact do on Android in a multitude of programs including Pandora and Slacker, and SiriusXM and probably others. Maybe there are some iPhone-only apps for streaming even more TV shows but tell me if you think having Flash support opens more doors for you video-wise. But I bet if I said Hey Jim, any chance you or your wife give a shit about that, he’d either not answer because he’s moved on in life or he’d say nope but Doug Smith’s a nice guy and means well.

    Energy whores? Is the iPhone LTE or even HSPA+? Do you know what those two things are? Is the Atrix (I don’t know, I’ve never looked it up or read about it) pretty much the same phone in terms of hardware to compare the two, that they’re giving it a bigger battery like that? Maybe they’re opening up video chat on both ends without wifi, maybe a bunch of video shit, maybe the screen’s big, I don’t know, but how sure are you that it’s a defect in Android the operating system to account for their putting in a bigger battery?

    I guess Jim’s probably not that old nor is his wife, but do you think his eyes are sharp enough still to differentiate between the iPhone’s screen and a nice bright super amoled? Maybe, but enough to make him go Woah, badass! on a side-by-side?

    Jim, if you’ve ever bothered to pay attention to other things he does, makes videos. I know for a fact that those videos total up in excess of sixteen gigabytes. Perhaps he’d like to be able to watch himself on the go? And maybe Jim was a big hippie (I doubt it but maybe) who really got into music and has a huge collection? Or just wants to watch Avatar on his phone without Netflix but with the mpeg on his chip so that his phone isn’t DOWNLOADING the whole damn video, eating up both his bandwidth quota, his available throughput and much more of his battery than if he were just playing the thing locally?

    Bing is better on iPhone than Microsoft’s platform? Seriously? I hear over and over how great the thing is, WP7 (and also Bing now that I think about it) and you’re telling me that some other company figured out how to put the other guy’s thing on their phone than the guys with their own type of phone were able to put their own thing on their phone? Maybe that’s true, but damn, really? Anyone else here want to weigh in on that one from Smith?

    Smith I’ll take your word for it that you’re an expert in something but please don’t tell me your expertise lies in phones. Or English.

    Steve Jobs is an idiot?

    Steve Jobs is an idiot — you really just said that? That’s your take on Steve Jobs, that he’s an idiot?

    This according to the guy who uses the word nOOb and throws on ‘s to form the plural in the same sentence in which he does the same thing with UI’s. *No* apostrophe, Smith. “Editor” in chief my balls. Hey Doug Smith I count six mistakes, things you thought were the correct way to go, not typos but six mistakes in your first paragraph alone.

    Six mistakes, one paragraph. Who does that.

    Think things over in general, then rethink this article thread, whether or not you’re qualified to weigh in with such aggression and superlatively contrarian contentions and declarations.

    Yeah yeah, pot calling the kettle black or whatever, but am I wrong?

    Anyway, nice article Jim, good discussion everyone else.

  11. @Doug Simmons: Without getting into this debate (the iPhone is better than almost any Android device just to set the record straight), Simmons, you go after Smith for errors and then write “Who does that.” without a question mark? Don’t make it that easy.
    As for the Bing thing, yes it is better on iOS than WP7 currently. Like Google with Google Maps, Bing is tied into the OS of WP7 so they can’t update an app. They need to push an OS update to update Bing. And like Google, expect that to change over time. So for other operating systems Bing was pushed out last month and WP7 needs an OS upgrade to get to the same place.

  12. I have to totally agree. I have a iPhone(company provided) and can’t get the hype behind the device. I have owned windows mobile (5-6.5), android and now WP7, to me the iPhone is the blandest. I consider it the idiot proof phone. Simple things like wifi and data toggles on the home screen are missing and can’t be added, yes I know WP7 has the same dumb limitation and it’s obvious MS copied the apple business plan for better and worse.
    I agree the home screen is abysmal and just a bunch of app launchers. People brag that the iPhone battery is best but why would it not be? All the other os’s are built around minimum hardware requirements, the iPhone ha just one chassis to worry about, the os can easily be optimized to support that one platform. Then people rag on android for fragmentation(which I agree is kinda bad and can go beyond os versions and be based on hardware manufacturer, don’t believe me try setting up google apps account on a samsung vibrant then on a droid pro when both are using 2.2) but apple has same issue, my 3G can’t do simple stuff like multitasking or even worse have a background on the home screen! Let’s not even get on iTunes.
    Personally I can only recommend an iPhone to someone just getting into smart phones, it’s safe and fool proof and has a nicely wrapped ecosystem although I think it’s too limiting. If I didn’t have WP7 I would be android all the way

  13. DavidK: “Who does that” without the question mark was a blend of the question being rhetorical and my inner monologue’s pitch not raising at the end of the sentence. You’ve got to know the rules to break them, which I do.

    I’m experimenting with a new target, the nice guy. Maybe Dr. Jim is next if I get positive results. Also he and I have been scuffling a bit and with this flagrant and somewhat baseless Android bashing, that’s when shit gets personal. He invited me to take the gloves off with him.

    And they’re still off Smith. Come at me. See what happens if you talk about, I don’t know, needing task killers, fragmentation, cheap phones, carrier bloatware, multiple app markets, Android being free, SMS exploits, Honeycomb forking — anything you got (for material just google site:mobilitydigest.com “david k” android or go here).

    Back toward the topic a bit, an anecdote to lighten the mood: last night the Missus and I were watching the tube, after the tube session I grabbed my phone which is overclocked to 1.5GHz and holy hot damn the thing was red hot and even smelled. I was 40% sure it was a gone, would have been 55% but I had put away some wine. It smelled like what a plastic thing might smell like if you put it on fire just a little. Tossed it in the freezer, wondering if I’d have any shot of replacing it thinking well there’s no way they’ll be able to boot it to see that it’s OCed, took it out five minutes later, hit the power button and the son’bitch lit up good as new. Did my bathroom thing then sat down on the couch again and the part of the couch where the phone was resting was still hot. Like “woah that’s kind of hot for a couch” hot.

    Point being, in contrast, her Nexus S, not overclocked as much, didn’t do this. So indeed overclock at your own risk (on the other hand my phone turned out fine, so nevermind). And just the previous day I was watching her come back into the city on Google Latitude, she gets into Manhattan on Metro North, appears to be riding south in a cab, heads east to the nice grocery store we’ve got nearby, then I stop looking and ten minutes later I look again and she’s on friggin’ Randalls Island! GTalked, no response, called, no answer, then Latitude’s saying the phone stopped reporting her signal on 278 approaching the RFK bridge. For a second or so I thought maybe she was kidnapped. But if she were kidnapped she’d leave the phone on. Therefore she wasn’t kidnapped. So I freaked out, texted (using Google Voice of course, she’s got a widget) “Whoever found this PLEASE call (my number).”

    A few moments later she popped up where she belonged, the grocery store. I thought Ahhh yeah that’s right, dead zone in that place, glitch in the matrix with regard to Randalls Island.

    Point being that I had two consecutive days of brief but poignant $600 phone separation anxiety and maybe David K you shouldn’t be so hard on me, considering.

    Hey those two bits were good stories right there, should have made an article out of it… but Jim laid down a great article with a lovely thread, one incident notwithstanding, so I’ll bless him with these gifts.

  14. @Rod Simmons:

    Your point is well taken. My wife is still pretty confused by the whole thing after being with Palm (and no data plan) for years.

    The thing that I really don’t like is that I couldn’t get Google Voice to work properly (perhaps my problem, not the iPhone’s).

    I’m sure she’ll figure it out, but I truly don’t see why, once the phone is set up (and I’m the family CTO anyway), the iPhone is simpler than Android?

  15. A few additional points.

    1. With Adfree on my Aria, NO ads! A true joy!!
    2. When you say Bing, do you mean Bing Navigation? I didn’t see that on the App Store.
    3. I had to dismantle Google Voice on my wife’s phone because I couldn’t get the voicemail to work (set up the same as on my Aria) and the text messaging didn’t do autofill (yes, her contacts are fully synced and work with the native messaging (but I don’t like spending $.20/message; yes, I’m frugal, er, a cheapskate).
    4. All my wife really wants from GV is free text messaging. Any ideas?
    5. Simmons, please don’t pick on me. I’m not worth it.
    6. Was hippieish in my younger years, but never that into music (just the evil herb).
    7. Simmons, per your comment, don’t give a shit!

  16. @drjim:
    @#4: Have her subscribe to have the text messages sent to her email address and then sent up an IMAP gmail account. Instant free text messages via email and you can respond to the email to text back.

  17. Hey, the Fight, sounds interesting. Can you give me more details? What do you mean by subscribe (to GV?)? I believe that she already has an IMAP gmail account, but how do I be sure?

    But how does she send a text to someone first?

  18. Gmail on Apple gadgets can be accessed through IMAP, Exchange Activesync and whatever Google Sync is. I’d advise manually adding the account as an Exchange account with Apple stuff in order to enable full syncing. Not quite like Android, adding a gmail account properly.

  19. And to add it that way, if you want to bother to have it sync calendar and contacts, Settings > Mail > Add an email > Exchange, user is her full email, no domain, always use SSL, server is m.google.com, then enable calendar, contacts and mail syncing and you’re good. Vague memory on those steps but that should be close enough.

    Or whatever, just add it the way Apple thinks Gmail accounts should be added, wait for her to complain about contacts, then say you might be able to figure it out but she’d be able to do it herself if it were an Android device.

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  22. I just read your post and smiled because I could have written it myself.

    My company provided me with an iPhone 3GS – Frankly, it’s awful, but on the plus side, each day I become more pleased that I did not waste my own hard earned cash on it.

    Your Apple ‘box’ comments also ‘ring true’ (!), for want of a better term, and nowhere is this better illustrated than when first powering up the phone.

    I was required (!) to create an iTunes (!!) account and provide Apple with my credit card details (!!!) before even being able to boot the thing up to make a call.

    Best wishes,


  23. I HATE the bloody bucket of dung so much I just bounced the worthless piece of junk off a concrete wall!!! My upgrades not for another month but I’d rather use a turd wrapped in tinfoil than this utter pile of rubbish!

  24. I’ve been using computers for over 20 years. One of the things I want is to be able to make them run the way I want them to, not some other person’s. Apple’s diktat is that this is impoossible. It’s as if the Nazis or Stalin designed it.
    My 82 year old Dad decided he wanted one at Christmas. I begged him not to as I would be the one having to make the xxxxer work, he went ahead anyway. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted a) setting it up, mainly problems with e-mail contacts and groups, and b) teaching him how to use it. As I said, he’s 82 so his default response is “but that’s not like my computer… why isn’t it like my computer?” (Win 7 Dell laptop).
    This may be a bit harsh, but if someone had sent me an invite to Jobs’ funeral, I’d have gone, to make sure the xxxx was really dead.

  25. Andrew your hilarious! Just what I needed. I try to be a Buddhist. I realize hatred harms me. Thanks for making me laugh. I’m writing this on my MacBook Pro. I LOVE it. Right to #> if I want to, Yea! Excelent machine. I love it as much as I HATE the iPhone and its larger version and the peice of shit language it uses – that cant collect its own garbage – the name of which I’ve blocked out of my brain because I hate it more than the iCrap. What absolute shit. I want to put some fucking music on the thing… and there is this fucking iTunes CRAP in my way. I dont want to be sold shit. I dont want to see a bunch of freak advertisments for crap. How can I get android to run on this thing?

  26. i agree, i used to love the iphone, why, well because i was arogant and ignorant and i wanted it just because it was popular to have one. i used it many thimes, my friends all have iphones. i would get so lost in that thing, how do i get out of the app without pressing the home buttong, where are the shortcuts to turning on wifi or something. it was so complicated i threw my friends iphone at the wall after 15 minutes, thank god he had a 65 dollar otter box, hehe, what a fucking rip off!

    my first smartphone was an android, i did not liek the stock ui, i went and download go launcher ex, got me some nice screen transitions etc. loved it. oh ya, widgets, awsome, a calender right their! and right now it might be the cheapest phone in the world (lg thrive), i hated the stock lg keyboard, well i downloaded swype, i have it rooted, running unoficial version of android 4.0.3, custom everything, and only in about 30 minutes.


    after about a month using my android, i forgot it at home, and i needed to use my friends iphone to call, he gave it to me, and just dialling a phone number stressed me out alot!


  27. Why do the Apple folk always have the *same* answers for every piece lacking in the device?

    ‘I’ve never used it!’
    ‘Why’d you want THAT?’
    ‘It’s not important anyway’
    ‘I don’t miss it’
    ‘There’s a workaround for that’
    ‘Apple feels its not important’

    By the replies alone, you can instantly tell who is a fanboy and who is a user of the product – and thankfully, you then know whether to read the rest of the post or not.

    I fell for the hype of an iPad too and – well – I see it as a stepping stone to a decent tablet. The same principle can be applied to all Apple products … they’re just stepping stones

  28. My boyfriend bought me an iPhone after my other phone died. Its been a whole month and the little things about this phone still piss me off. Its not a great phone people, its a great phone for teenagers who love games and apps. But its a crappy email machine and a bad phone. Its so hard to customize the settings, I have to google most of the issues that I encounter with this phone. Never spent this much time on the internet for a phone before. Its SO overrated!

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