Take your happy little self on over to JailBreakMe.com and remove the limitations from your idevice of choice (as long as it’s not a 1st gen iPhone or iPhone 3G)

Here’s a photo of cydia running on my personal iPad 2 ATT 3G 64GB :)

Have fun.

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Current Device: iPhone 5 64GB Past line up includes: iPhone 4S iPhone 4 32GB HTC AT&T Tilt 2 HTC AT&T Fuze HTC AT&T Tilt HTC AT&T 8525 Samsung Blackjack Samsung Blackjack II RIM BB Curve Moto RAZR (three of them actually) Nextel i95c Nextel i90 a few other various Nextel models Samsung color flip phone on sprint... you know the one I mean. Had a blue case, did internet? Can't remember the name.. SC400? Many other Samsung and etc Sprint flips Moto StarTac Bell Atlantic Mobile 'candy bars' And more.. I need more phones.


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