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Energizer Rechargeable iPhone 4 case with Built-in Battery

Yesterday, Energizer released a rechargeable iPhone case with a built in battery so that you can charge your iPhone 4 on the go when the battery is low. Here are some of the battery specifications:

Through the use of patented lithium polymer battery technology, The AP1201 extends battery life for up to 200 extra hours of standby time, 27 extra hours of music time, 7 extra hours of video time, or 5 extra hours of talk time or Internet time.

Standby 200 Hours
Music 27 Hours
Video 7 Hours
Talk 5 Hours on 3G & 9 Hours on 2G
Internet 4 Hours on 3G & 7 Hours on WiFi

This might be a really useful accessory for those who are always on the go or those who always seem to have a dieing battery towards the end of the day and don’t know if their phone will make it the next few hours. I know I am one of those guys on certain days. This case costs $69.99 for more details visit