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JMZ Presents Lockscreen Changer

jmzlockscreen%20(2) JMZ has written a simple application to change the lock screen background in WM 6.5 so that you can have a different photo for the lock screen than your regular background photo. Pretty neat. At this point it’s VGA only (so Touch Pro/Fuze/Diamond) and the download is available from JMZ Taylor’s website or from the XDA thread. Even if you’re not using 6.5 yet it’s good to know that when you’re ready so is it:)

As useful as this is, there’s something bigger here. This is JMZ’s first app and it’s great to see that he’s getting into development since he really knows WM and is heavily involved in tweaking. He’s a pro when it comes to this stuff so to see someone like him get into development is great news for the community. Hopefully he’ll keep coming out with useful apps like this one. Great work so far JMZ – I hope it’s just the beginning:)