1965 Lincoln Continental == badass Let’s put the phones down for just a second, need your help with something: Believe it or not but I’m getting married. Turning Ms. Right into Mrs. Simmons in less than a month from now for better or worse. The plans are more or less set with one exception, need to pick out and track down a vehicle to get us from the church to the reception and my balls are being broken to get this in place. Typically people get Hummer limos or spring for a Rolls but that’s a little cliché for my taste. I want an American classic, whether the Missus and I are riding in back with a chauffer or if I’m driving the sucker myself.

I could get an old New York checker cab like this which, as a New Yorker myself and getting married in Manhattan, would get the job done pretty well. But before I drop a cool $550 on what during the time of this cab would have been a $5.50 fair, I thought I’d run this by you guys, wondering which car you think would kick this wedding’s ass and tips on how I might go about tracking such a whip down.

I’m pretty partial to the 1965 Lincoln Continental, but I suppose that’s partly because I am an Entourage fan or maybe it’s something about the term suicide doors that I weirdly find appealing. Also the suicide doors themselves, that would be easier on her with her dress to get into. But where could I score one of those to rent?

Been combing the NYC exotic car rental websites and all I’m seeing are Lamborghinis and Porches. As much as I’d like to race one of those down Park Avenue while the UN is in town clogging up traffic worse than it normally is, I want to go American and I want it to be older than I am and finally I’d like your stamp of approval on it. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Doug Simmons


  1. Doug, I will say this the best I can and maybe in time you will come to fully appreciate my words. You will not remember much of anything about your wedding except getting drunk, how much it cost, and getting her somewhere quiet later that night. She on the other hand will remember EVERYTHING! Women have incredibly long memories and I suggest you listen VERY carefully for any subtle hints that she might be dropping that would be her preference. I know you pretty well, but I would put all of what you are thinking aside and make this all about her and what she wants. Screw this up and it will take years of anniverseries to correct. :) Get a limo dude.

  2. I would call a few of the exotic car rental joints and tell them what you want. They probably don’t offer it, but have a better chance of finding one than you will. The guy who finds it is going to wind up being the middle man so you will have to pay more, But that’s a choice you will have to make.

    Poked around and they exist, but mostly on the West Coast. I bet there are a few in the NYC metro area. Just don’t think that Google is going to help finding what you need though. Going to take some old fashioned conversations. So go park yourself outside the Apple store and make a few calls.

  3. What I wanted was a response that included something like “57 chevy, 60s caddy or 65 thunderbird.” Now i’ll go on google images and check those suckers out.

    I’m not a car guy, i’m a subway guy, but in this instance I’m making an exception and going by car. Thanks fellas, good info here, including car club (MartiM).

    And Smith, I realize this may strike you as some Twilight Zone shit but I’ve got a girl who’s made happy, generally, by whatever makes me happy (and incidentally doesn’t particularly want a vanilla limo).

  4. american classic like 57 chevy style or like jettsons style 60s cadillac, 65 thunderbird? you gotta be more specific than “i want an american classic” convertible more your style or are you fearing rain? you want something that rides low to the ground or something thats puts you in the air a bit? theres too many american classics that are older than you doug :)

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