Krashlander is currently the #1 top selling non-Xbox game in the Windows Phone Marketplace and now, it’s been released as a free/ad based version for all of those too cheap hesitant to pay the $.99 for the ad free version. It’s identical to the paid version otherwise, including a level a week update. I hate to play favorites, but I’m insanely addicted to this game and if you haven’t played it, now’s the time. Check out this video to see what it’s like, made by yours truly when some complained this level was impossible:

Here’s a download link


  1. Honestly, I struggled with the game when I tried it and deleted quickly. It seems its fun and addictive by looking at the video and just takes time. Now that I think about it thats a great thing that you have to be patient and develop some skill to pass stages.

    I’m putting it on my “buy soon” list.

  2. @Murani Lewis: the one thing you need to learn is how to jump…crouch down, release the screen and press again up top and you jump. Drag it on the screen and you don’t go as high. Pivotal to the game:)

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