I’ll admit – I’m a Liquid Daffodil fan. He’s at it again, laying it down to Instagram & its owner, Facebook. My question is, is Instagram REALLY all that & a bag of chips?


  1. Whoa! It sure sounds like people involved with Windows Phone are taking an aggressive stance. The ball remains firmly in Instagram’s court but they can’t possibly say there is no interest or not enough interest.

    • Exactly! There has always been interest, that’s why MS and eventually Nokia addressed it months ago.

      And you have to assume MS threw some money at them, right?

      So what’s stopping them?? That’s why I came to the conspiracy theory that they are being *paid* not to.
      I know it sounds ridiculous, but considering how simple the app is (or at least it looks that way), and how easy developing for WP is, they have no excuse.

  2. The short answer is Yes, it is!!! My brother in law whose 21, kept his old android phone after I got him the NL 900 just for instagram. He’s on FB and twitter, but says all his FB and Twitter friends only use instagram. I gave my fiance the NL 920 for Valentines. She goes to hair school. Everyday she comes home telling how people marvel at her phone. One of classmates instagramed her phone of all the ironies. Ever since then she asked me about Instagram because her entire class instagrams their various hairstyles. So if you feel FB and Twitter are BIG, then you need to realize that their are large chunk of those users using instagram. From what I’ve seen some are only using instagram now! It’s invaded hip hop, rappers routinely send instapics. It’s mentioned in rap songs now. One song had Instagram in the title, if I remember correctly. At this point, I might saw it’s as important as phones having pinch to zoom once the Iphone got it.

  3. That’s not the point, until developers see the value in the platform then it is hosed. I seems to be getting better and better everyday but there are still some holes. Android was in the same boat for a long time and I would argue that developers do not provide the level of support that they do for iOS.

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