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APP REVIEW: TVACalc by José Torres

TVACalc :


Ok I had the honor of testing out an app from one of our Windows Phone Family from France named José Torres. He has created a very useful app called TVACalc.

You ask what is TVACalc?

Well this app helps compute VAT (Value Added Tax) for our European Windows Phone Family or Sales Tax for our American Windows Phone Family. When I was first shown this app, I though how could a user benefit from this app? Well believe it or not, I actually needed it for my business I run. I am a computer repair tech. If it involves a computer repair, network install, or purchasing computers that is me. Based on that info I actually need to compute sales tax on a computer for a customer. At the time I did not have a calculator, but remembered I was testing TVACalc. I whipped it out and adjusted the sales tax configuration to the sales tax in my area (see picture 1).

Picture 1

To adjust the sales tax select one of the pre-installed percentages, and at the bottom of the screen there is four boxes to adjust the percentage needed as in the case my sales tax is 10%. Once the tax amount is adjusted flip back a screen to the calculator (Picture 2).

Picture 2

On this screen there are three options I can use.

The first button called “EXC” I can type in the amount of the item before tax and the calculator will show (based on my sales tax rate) how much sales tax is and the total amount with sales tax. For the business professional this saves time trying to figure tax out.

The second button called “VAT” I can place how much sales tax is and the calculator will figure out the price of the item before and after sales tax is added. This can come in handy if the business professional needs to know the price of an item based on the sales tax amount a lone.

The third button called “INC” I can compute the item if it is already including tax to figure out how much tax was charged as well as how much the item is before tax was added. I have found this useful when I get gas from the gas station. Example gas in my area is $3.11 a gallon, if I plug in $3.11 on this line I will be paying $2.83 without sales tax and paying $.28 sales tax per gallon. This to me is a really neat feature to use.

Since I am using the trial version the calculator to add multiple items is not active unless the paid version is bought but I can compute the sales tax for each item (Picture 3). The app is only $.99 and well worth the price especially for the professional needing to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with sales tax involved.

Picture 3

My final thoughts: overall I have found this app very useful in my day to day business dealings with collecting sales tax. The only issues (and it is a small issues) is the name of the app across the top of the screen gets cut off on my Nokia 521 (400 x 800 screen size). I am not sure on other devices have the same issue but this is the only issues I had. Overall it is well thought out, and very simple for the new beginner to use. I give this app a very strong 4.5 out of 5 stars. Like I said the cut off name of the app across the top is distracting but can be over come.

If you find out this app is useful then by all means buy the full app ($.99) to support the developer and don not forget to rate the app as well.

To the developer – great job and I will be looking forward for updates as well as other apps you develop to test in the future.


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