Was checking my data usage so far this month and noticed that AT&T appears to have some really high expectations for users on their grandfathered LTE Unlimited Data Plan. So how exactly do you say 10,238,976 MBs. Oh wait, I looked it up. That would be 10.239 Terabytes. Looks like I have a way to go before I get one of those threatening texts. And the real bummer is that I can’t use any of this for tethering without upgrading (well, paying more for less) my plan.

Think it might be time to turn off my WiFi radio. You think.


  1. Terabytes, petabytes, whatever. But seriously, I thought 1,000 megabytes was a terabyte. And a 1,000 terabytes was a petabyte.

  2. You skipped “gigabyte.” 1000 megabytes is a gigabyte. 1000 gigabytes is a terabyte, but 1000 terabytes is indeed a petabyte.

  3. Whoops. Well you know it was almost midnight when I posted. Guess I was so giddy thinking about how I was going to use all this new found data I skipped a level. Really bummed now that I only have 10.235TB remaining for the month. I had some great plans for all those pentabytes.

    Anyway, all fixed using my brilliantly different L900. Thanks to all for keeping me honest.

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