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Mystery Ball Launches in the App Store

A new gaming company called Red Nova has just launched it’s first game called Mystery Ball for iOS and in celebration it’s on sale for 99 cents until November 6th. Mystery Ball is a puzzle style game where you move the ball around a maze essentially. It’s basic, and it’s fun I’m sure.



Mystery Ball is an adventure/strategy game that is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The player controls FRED, a neurotic ball who has been placed in a Professor’s strange experiment. FRED must get past enemies and collect tools and bravery badges to overcome his fears. The game features 30 unique 3D worlds, retina support and Game Center integration.

It’s 30 hand-designed, meaningful worlds that will take you anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes or longer to figure out and solve,” Howe said. "I’ll also be releasing several expansions to the game in the coming weeks and months that feature holiday content, as well as additional worlds, fears for FRED to conquer – with new abilities – and new Doodads to discover."

Mystery Ball’s iCloud synchronization is one feature that Howe believes will get the attention of avid iOS gamers. The game can be played on one device and picked up where a user left off on another device.

After launch weekend, Mystery Ball will return to its regular price of $2.99. To buy the game, visit Mystery Ball’s App Store page.

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