Won’t be long now. Another sleepless night.


UPDATE: Moving along now. Should be in Orlando by time I get up in the morning.

UPDATE2: Only a few miles to go now. I can taste it.


  1. That would be Parcel Tracker. A very active, and responsive, developer. To give you an idea, currently at version 4.7. Works with services all over the world. Toast notifications each time a package status changes. Can also pin secondary tiles for specific packages. Cost is $1.49 but well worth it. Has had a spot on my Start screen almost since Windows Phone launched.

    Like the crap YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pull, it’s not easy keeping up with changes the services constantly make to their systems but Sebastian (Kralemann) does his best to keep up.

  2. Have that app as well, totally brilliant in use and responsive dev. Always pinned on my WP.

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